By Case Kenny

Fight imposter syndrome with "it's a sure thing"

It’s a sure thing.

This is the mantra I turn to any time I feel doubt, insecurity or imposter syndrome.

How does it work?

Well consider this... What does it mean to say you "deserve" something in life?

What does it mean to say you deserve a loving partner, success, happiness, etc.?

Well those are "sure things" as long as you practice what you preach.

- If you’re willing to love, you deserve to be loved. That’s a sure thing.

- If you’re willing to sacrifice, you deserve success. That’s a sure thing.

- If you’re willing to be honest, you deserve honesty back. That’s a sure thing.

- If you’re willing to be loyal, you deserve loyalty back. That's a sure thing.

If you’re willing to do and exhibit the things you want in life, then YES… it’s a sure thing.

I know that sounds cheesy and overly optimistic but this mantra functions to counter the doubt we have in our minds... and THAT is 100% necessary to get what you want in life. If you let doubt win... you won't.

Imposter syndrome, doubt and overthinking put us in a headspace that is anything but real. It’s removed from reality convinces us that we aren’t good enough and we aren’t worthy of certain things.

This mantra snaps us back to the world we ACTUALLY living in.

And in this world… you’re doing the things you said you would do and you’re practicing the things you want to receive in return. We're quick to forget that.

In relationships… you’re being intentional. You’re being honest. You’re being vulnerable. You're shooting your shot.

In your career… you care, you’re eager, you’re driven and you have the motivation to get it right.

You can look at any area of your life and you can squash doubt with this mantra because it reminds you that you're putting in the work.

Imposter syndrome tries to coerce us into focusing on what we lack. It makes us think about that promotion we don’t have, that six figure paycheck we haven’t earned, that partner who doesn’t love us, the confidence that is so up and down in our lives, the insecurities that follow us, etc.

When that’s the case we quickly forget what we DO have.

But this mantra of "it’s a sure thing" forces us to remember those things.

When you remember this mantra you'll realize you're doing more than you give yourself credit for.

- For all the moments your doubt wants to say you’re not confident enough… you have moments where you are, where you stand up for yourself, where you shot your shot.

- For all the moments your doubt wants to say you're falling behind and missing out… you have actions you can look back on that affirm that you’re doing what feels right to YOU - not someone else.

- For all the moments your doubt wants to say you’ll never find your partner… you can look back at your relationships and realize their ending was the best thing that ever happened for you.

- For all the moments your doubts say you’ll never reach the level of success you aspire to reach… you can look back at how far you’ve come.

Life is all about balance.

It’s a balance between totally normal thoughts like doubt and imposter syndrome… AND the larger truth that if you put in the work and you are the way you wanted to be treated, it's a sure thing.

It might not happen on your timeline or the exact way you wanted it to happen... but eventually it's a sure thing.

Do you believe it?