Catch feelings for yourself 😎

Unique 60 day guided journals to help you discover your worth.

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Over 200,000 happy journalers since 2020


My therapist recommended this for me and i LOVE it.

Lindsey G.

Absolutely life changing - I look forward to each day and I love that it only takes 10 minutes.

Eddie D.

These have been a HUGE help after my breakup. I can confidently say they've helped rebuild me.

Annie L.

I went through a life rough patch and these 100% changed my mindset. I feel my self love returning.

Rachel B.

I love mine - it showed me the questions I should be asking myself but never thought to.

Smith J.

I guarantee you'll come away with something powerful

Beliza M.

... make you think, laugh and cry all at the same time. 10 stars/10

Hyland A.

I'm a voracious journaler but these are different and I've done Unbothered twice!

Riley R.

I listen to Case Kenny's podcast every week and these are like having him as my own private therapist! <3 these.

Emily L.

The 60 Day New Mindset Journal

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Catch feelings for yourself
Gain clarity on WHO you are, WHAT you want in life and find the CONFIDENCE to know you can get it.

Self Discovery in 60 Days
✔️ Discover your worth
✔️ Overcome your insecurities.
✔️ Gain clarity on your life's path.
Prompts, questions and reflections
✔️ 60 days worth of prompts.
✔️ Only takes 10 minutes per day.
✔️ Guided + unguided prompts.


Regular price $45.00 Sale price$39.00
Find your inner "happy place"
Unburden yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking by finding your inner place of peace.

Calm your anxious thoughts
✔️ 60 days of prompts + mantras.
✔️ Quiet your anxious thoughts.
✔️ Let go of past burdens
Find inner peace
✔️10 minutes per day
✔️ Face your insecurities
✔️ Embrace the randomness of life

Single Is Your Superpower

Regular price $35.00 Sale price$24.00
Find your soul, find your soulmate

Discover exactly what you want (and deserve) in a partner... and love yourself no matter what. 
Know what you bring to the table
✔️ Know your "dating why." 
✔️ 12 chapters of perspective & exercises.
✔️ 40 BIG questions to ask yourself.
Make the most of being single
✔️ Identify your dating red flags.
✔️ Know exactly what you want.
✔️ What did your ex teach you?
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Light a candle while you journal...

Each scent pairs with a guided meditation to lead you to a place of inner peace

What do you need most right now?

"I need clarity in my life"

Get The New Mindset Journal - 60 days of prompts to help you discover your worth.

"I need to calm my anxiety"

Get Unbothered - 60 days of prompts to calm your overthinking.

"I need direction in dating"

Get Single Is Your Superpower - 40 BIG questions to help you know exactly what you deserve.

"I want it all"

Get The Ultimate Bundle - 120 days of journaling AND Single Is Your Superpower for 40% OFF.

Hi, I'm Case Kenny

I'm the host of the Apple Podcasts top 25 podcast New Mindset, Who Dis.

I created these journals and candles because I've learned the power of asking yourself the right questions. 

When you ask yourself the right questions, you find the answers you've been looking for.

Here's to finding (creating) inner peace in your life.

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