But First, Inner Peace

It’s time to step into your life’s best chapter.

But First, Inner Peace is a one-of-a-kind 60 day manifestation experience designed to give you clarity about what you deserve in life and then show you how to get it.

It consists of 60 chapters - part book, part journal - to show you WHY you deserve more, better or different and then through 60 days of perspective and self love prompts... how to make it a reality.

- find the inner peace you deserve

- give yourself closure & move forward

- heal from your past

- start a new & rewarding life chapter

  • - 60 days of prompts

    - 10 minutes/day

    - part book/part journal

  • - learn how to manifest

    - know WHY + HOW

    - start a new chapter

  • - find closure and clarity

    - heal from your past

    - create inner peace

It’s time for your life’s best chapter.