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the journals

Most journals are either too prompted or too broad. That can create a frustrating journal experience where you feel pressured to have daily break throughs OR you feel overwhelmed by having to do too much.

These 60 journals are designed to be the perfect mix of prompted and unprompted journaling. It only takes ~10 minutes per day and a lot intention went into crafting the most powerful questions for you to answer.

The digital journals are designed to help you find what you're looking for in 2 hours or less.

The New Mindset Journal is designed to be completed over the course of 60 days and is broadly focused on self awareness - helping you to discover truths across all aspects of your life.

But First, Inner Peace is a one-of-a-kind manifestation experience designed to help you attract more, better or different in your life.

UNBOTHERED is also designed to be completed over the course of 60 days and is focused on calming your anxious thoughts and overthinking. It empowers you to face your insecurities and use them to find your mental "happy place" - a place of peace.

Single is Your Superpower can be completed in only a couple of days and is focused specifically on your dating life and relationships.

CLOSURE is completely digital and is designed to help you become totally at peace with your past, your ex and any relationship that drained you (in 2 hours).

CLARITY is completely digital and is designed to help you simplify your dating life by answering the question "is it a YES or a NO?" (in 2 hours).

CLOSURE and CLARITY are digital journals meaning each can be completed on your phone.

Each is designed to be completed in 2 hours and consists of 19 chapters of perspective followed by prompts and exercises. Prompts are designed to be answered by handwriting on paper.

There's no right order :)

You can absolutely complete them all at once or you can simply prioritize what you need most in the moment:

New Mindset for overall life clarity and purpose.

But First, Inner Peace for starting a new life chapter.

Unbothered for calming anxious thoughts and overthinking

Single is Your Superpower for embracing being single.

Closure for creating inner peace around your past ex or relationship.

Clarity for answering the question "is it a yes or no" in your dating life.


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