By Case Kenny

Why don't we take our own advice?

Are you that friend who gives great advice? Do you give top tier *chef’s kiss* advice to your friends on their dating life, their career, etc.?

When it’s not your own life do you tend to see things clearly and give great advice…. BUT then when it comes to your own life you don’t take it?

You’re aware of some of your self destructive tendencies but you don’t take your own advice to stop them?

Sound familiar? You're not alone...

We're terrible at taking our own advice.

You might tell yourself things like: I should really eat healthier. I should really stop hooking up with randos. I should really get disciplined about work. I should really go after that thing I’m passionate about, etc.

But then when it’s game time and you’re at Trader Joe’s, you're swiping on the dating apps or you’re out at the bar… you suddenly lose sight of that advice.

You resort to what you normally do. You resort to comfort. You resort to stubbornness. You resort to fitting in.

Why don't we take our own advice?

We use age as an excuse A LOT. I can't change now. I’ve invested too much into this habit or this endeavor or this mindset or this timeline.

We're VERY capable of learning to take our advice no matter how old we are or what stage of life we're in... we just need to think smaller.

Take our your advice for 24 hours. That's it. See what happens.

Instead of kicking it down the road like you always do or only dishing it out to your friends… take your own advice for one singular day.

To convince our stubborn human selves to take our own advice... we need to think small and not big.


Because we resort to excuses when we have thoughts like: I’m need to be healthier FOREVER. I’m need to quit my job and start my business for the rest of my life. I’m need to be confident FOREVER.

We need to think smaller. TODAY I’m going to eat healthy. TODAY I'm going to workout. TODAY I’m going to write down my business idea. TODAY I’m going to slow down.

That is how we end up taking our own advice in the long run.

Think smaller. Small moments show us that it’s never too late.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t overthink it. What's the first piece of advice you’d give yourself?

You might list things like:

- slow dow, appreciate what you have and don’t take life for granted.

- stop waiting for the perfect moment to act.

- don't compare yourself to other people.

- be kind to yourself. What would happen if you took THAT advice for 24 hours?

What would happen if you thought smaller?

Don’t let your human self resort to robot or excuse mode - I’m too old, I’m past that point, I don’t have time, I can’t stop now, etc.

Don’t allow yourself to go to that place because you're thinking too big. Think small.

Smaller, smaller, smaller. Yep, right there.

For 24 hours...

- Today I’m going to slow down and appreciate what I have.

- Today is the perfect moment to take one small step towards that thing I’ve always put off.

- Today I’m not going to compare myself at all.

-  Today I’m going to compliment myself and be kind to ME.

Do that today.

And then when you wake up tomorrow… take your own advice again.

Eventually you’ll look back and you'll be proud because you're finally taking your own advice.