By Case Kenny

You have a superpower

If you listen to the podcast you know I’m a fan of the word "superpower."

I genuinely believe we've ALL been given a superpower of some kind.

We’ve all been given something… but there's usually a "downside."

- if your superpower is you’re highly empathetic… sometimes you end up giving and giving and giving until you burn yourself out.

- if your superpower is you’re incredibly kind and selfless… sometimes you end up being taken advantage of by people.

- if your superpower is you’re highly disciplined and motivated… sometimes you end up neglecting other areas of life - relationships, self love, etc.

The reality of life is that everything is about balance - you do one thing and it impacts another area of your life.

We tend to forget that this is totally normal and so we end up questioning our superpower. We think it brings about more harm than good. We become tempted to give it up in favor of something more comfortable or e allow someone in our lives - maybe an ex, maybe your job, a friend, etc. - to convince us our superpower is not actually a superpower.

No more! Don't turn your back on your superpower.

Kindness, empathy, optimistic, goofiness, confidence, etc. are 100% superpowers.

And they naturally come with potential downsides that might be interpreted as flaws.

But they really aren't actually flaws. They're simply the reality of tapping living your superpower.

Please don't question your superpower because it’s sometimes taken advantage of or judged by others.

We are all given superpowers in life and we should celebrate them.

Yes, sometimes those superpowers are going to invite temptations, judgement, criticism or heartbreak into your life. It’s more than human to be like I need to be cold, I need to close off or I want to avoid being hurt. It's natural to be tempted to allow the world to shape you.

You're going to be tempted to change...

- You're going to be tempted to close off and become cold because you were treated the same way.

- You're going to be tempted to lower your standards because you're sick and tired of striking out.

- You're going to be tempted to chill with your drive and aspirations because you just want to be normal and enjoy life without huge goals.

- You're going to be tempted to stop asking why and just accept life, roll with the punches and get in line.

Those temptations are going to weigh heavily on you and they're going to be specific to the superpower you’ve been given.


You have a superpower for a reason.

I'm not afraid to say something overly cliche like kindness can change the world. Or creativity can change the world. Or curiosity can change the world.

It absolutely can!

It can change your life and the world around you. BUT if you throw it aside because the going gets tough sometimes… you’ll never know.

You'll never know why you've been the superpower you've been given.

You are wired to be kind, empathetic, driven, curious, with high standards, etc.

Don’t let the world rewire you. Don’t let your ex rewire you. Don’t let your boss, your job, the internet, your friends or your family rewire you.

You have what it takes to stay true to yourself.