By Case Kenny

You're doing better than you think

How do I know this?

Well... you've grown more than you probably give yourself credit for.

You’re standing up for yourself.

You’ve said NO when you used to say YES to fit in, to not be awkward or to not let someone else down.

You’ve moved on from being a people pleaser. You might still struggle with it like so many of us do… but you're not afraid to speak up or to stand out.

- In dating, maybe you've raised your standard and you’re not afraid to respect it.

- At your job, maybe you pushed back on unrealistic expectations.

- With your friends, maybe you’ve moved away from someone who doesn't fit your vision and instead moved towards someone else who does.

You no longer have a mindset of wanting to just "get over" things.

You're no longer desperate to quickly get over breakups, frustrations, betrayal, dishonesty, etc.

That was the old you - always looking to get over those things, to find closure and to heal quickly. Now you’ve recognized it’s more important for you to move on from those things than it is for you to get over them.

You don't put so much pressure on yourself to get over those things TODAY.

You're working to make sense of those things, to heal and to create your own closure… BUT you get less hung up on them and instead you just keep moving.

You’ve realized how important it is to move on instead of staying in one place revisiting the pain, the hurt or the frustration from the past.

You’ve also stopped running away from certain things in your life.

You used to look to escape certain things. That used to be your motivation.

You’d run away from people who didn’t treat you right, jobs that bored you, friends who never prioritized you, etc.

But now you run towards the positive things you want and in doing so, leave behind the rest. You’re motivated to run towards instead of away.

- You’re no longer just trying to escape people who don’t see you or don’t respect you. Instead you run towards people who do.

- You’re no longer just trying to escape that soul sucking job. Instead you’re running towards a job that fuels your passion.

- You’re no longer just trying to escape being scared of being alone or of falling behind. Instead you’re running towards being happy with who you are and what you have today.

You’ve also realized that you don’t FIND closure, you don’t FIND love, you don’t FIND purpose, you don’t FIND confidence… you create it.

You’ve put yourself in the driver's seat and you’re creating what you want.

- You’re creating closure, not waiting to receive it.

- You’re asking someone out, not waiting to be asked out.

- You’re creating the relationship you want with the person you want... instead of hoping it just comes to you.

- You’re working to find or create your dream job… not hoping your current job magically turns into it.

You’ve assembled the ingredients to the things you want in life and instead of hoping they magically come together… you’re DOING more and stepping out because you’ve realized that YOU create what you want in life.

That is why you're doing better than you think.