The Man Behind The New Mindset Journal: Case Kenny

Case Kenny is the Chicago-based writer, podcaster and recording artist behind The New Mindset Journal.

Case (@case.kenny / @thecasekenny) refers to himself as a "dudebroguy" because as he says he isn't "any more enlightened than the average person" but what he does have is a "hunger and drive to become the best person" he can.

It was that drive and passion for growth that inspired him to start the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast in the summer of 2018.

Almost two years later, 8 million downloads and honors as an Apple Podcast top 30 podcast, Top 100 Mental Health, iHeart Radio Top 10, Deezer Editor's Choice and many more accolades, Case has made a name for himself as a prominent podcaster and mindfulness thought leader.

Case's passion for growth and introspection grew in 2020 with the release of his music x mindfulness DJ collaborations.

In them, Case makes meditation more approachable and active by combining dance music and meditation. With this project, Case creates digestible guided meditation sessions set to uplifting dance music that leave listeners feeling energized and at peace. He has released mixes with Gryffin, Sam Feldt, Young Bombs, Justin Caruso, Cash Cash and many others.

Case Kenny in Brooklyn, NYC


With the success of his podcast and writing, Case has taken everything he learned pushing himself to be more driven, compassionate and happy to create a different kind of journal.

Case Kenny pinneaple

The journal is a reflection of his belief that to be happy and fulfilled in life, one shouldn't strive to be perfect. Rather, they should strive to be whole.

The relationship workbook is a reflection of the need to find your soul before you can find your soulmate.

You can listen to his podcasts New Mindset, Who Dis or read his writing here.

He can be reached via email: