By Case Kenny

50% Namaste. 50% I’m outta here.

I think now is a great time to stand for something and to use that thing to give yourself two options when faced with a decision in life.

To either say Namaste, I welcome this. Or to say Nah I’m outta here. This isn’t me.

When you do that, you simplify your life because you give yourself only two options.

50% namaste. 50% I’m outta here.

Namaste. This is me, this is who I am, this is what I stand for. I welcome this experience. I welcome this person or this perspective into my life.

I’m outta here. Nah, friend. This isn’t me. This isn’t who I am or where I want to be.

Stand for something. 

Why? Because there are so many things in life that are uncertain. But amidst all that, wouldn’t it be great to always be able to always come home to something that is YOU?

So I say… stand for being kind. It gives you purpose when you feel like you don’t have any. It gives you an identity while you’re discovering who you really are. It gives you a reason to smile even when you probably have a lot to frown about.

Make kindness your legacy.  Be kind and judge less, exude empathy, optimism and acceptance.

You’ll be remembered for it.

You’re not going to be remembered for being a dope vice president of sales, an effective marketer, or a researcher with incredible attention to detail.

Nah, you’re going to be remembered for what you stand for! You’re going to be remembered for how you touched other people, how you made them feel and what your impact was on the world around you.

You’re going to be remembered for how you showed up, what you did with that thing you stand for and how that was a difficult choice to make amidst a menu of much easier, more human choices.

So I say, make kindness the thing you’re going to be remembered for.

Just be kind. Assume positive intent. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t talk sh*t. Don’t hate. Don’t be spiteful. Assume positive intent. 

- When someone says you look tired, you don’t take it that they think you look like dogsh*t. 

- When your parents ask why you’re still single. 

- When your friend forgets to respond to your text.

- When someone is fumbling in line at Starbucks in front of you and you’re late for work.

- When you get rejected from a job. 

Assume positive intent. Recognize that everyone else is human and they’re doing their best.

And when you’re not able to be kind?

Remove yourself and say: I’m outta here because I really want to stand for kindness and I can feel that I’m not ready. This is not my place. I am not the person. I don’t fit here with who I am. I’m cool just to be alone because I know what I stand for.

That certainly simplifies things, doesn’t it?

Committing to being kind is never a weakness. It’s a power move.