By Case Kenny

But first, inner peace

Inner peace.

Typically we associate this concept with being calm. With being quiet. With turning off the world around you and finding an internal comfort zone.

I definitely think that's a component of it, but when I think about inner peace I think about it in the most practical way possible.

Inner peace is less about retreating from the world, escaping its influence and staying in a place where you block those things out… and it’s more about getting fired up to face those things.

It’s less about removing yourself and more about throwing yourself further into it. Inner peace is about standing up, it’s about stepping forward, it’s about affirming yourself…

It's about taking control.

Inner peace is about assertiveness.

It’s not passive, it’s not about escape… it’s about moving forward.

One more time :) inner peace is about being assertive!

And to be assertive - to ask for what you want, to stay resilient in your goals and your worth - you have to know WHY. You have to know WHY something is important to you.

You have to know WHY you deserve the things you're going after.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say WHY a million times on the podcast. I’ve talked about knowing WHY you’re dating, examining your feelings so you can understand WHY you feel the way you feel, and challenging your conditioning so you can unpack your life’s WHY… but when it comes to being assertive and taking control in life… WHY is the key.

Think about something you want in life.

Think about something you’re worthy of.

WHY? Why do you deserve it?

- Why do you deserve a partner who is honest, intentional and consistent?

- Why do you deserve your hard work to be seen and appreciated?

- Why do you deserve to find your groove in your career?

Because you are honest, intentional and consistent.

Because you work hard.

Because you show up. Because you volunteer to go first. Because you do the little things right.

That is your why. Your actions. Your intentions. Your hard work.

When you’re grounded in WHY, even if the HOW, the WHEN and the timeline is unclear… you have inner peace.

Because "WHY" is something no one can take from you...

Think about that statement... Life, people, jobs, bosses, randomness - certainly those things can throw you for a loop in life. They can massively change a timeline. They can change how you get to the outcome you want. They can change the where. They can change the when.

But amidst that… life can never take your WHY from you.

How powerful is that?!

Nothing in life can take your WHY away from you. It can try but if you’re resolute in it… it’s yours. Nothing can take it from you.

Be assertive about your WHY. That’s a loud, energetic, vocal WHY.

That is inner peace. No one can take it from you.

You can look at the world around you and be frustrated by some elements of it - you can be frustrated that you haven't found your person, that you give and give and give but haven’t received, that you’ve shown up and worked hard but it hasn’t been rewarded yet.

You can face those feelings but come home to the place of inner peace that says "I still have WHY." "I know why I deserve friends who support me. I know why I deserve a partner who's crazy about me. I know why I deserve a break, my work to be seen."

That is inner peace - it’s taking inventory of all the things you’re doing, the things you’re willing to do, and the things you’re willing to give others.

When you recognize that and find power in it in the form of WHY… then it's only a matter of time. It's only a matter of time until the WHEN, HOW and WHERE become clear.

I hope you find power, control, and assertiveness as a result of your WHY.

I hope you find inner peace in it.

The next time you’re faced with LIFE, when it doesn’t go your way, when it makes you rethink the WHEN, the HOW, and the WHERE, say "I’m rooted in my why and that's all that matters."

Speak it! Ask for what you want because you know WHY you’re worth it.

That is inner peace. It’s always there and no one and nothing can take it from you.

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