By Case Kenny

Here’s how to be happy.

How’s that for a clickbait headline!? :)

TBH I don’t know the key to happiness. How could I? I’m just a dude living my life, doing my thing while trying my best to be grateful for each day.

But what I do know is that the more I push myself to simplify my life - the expectations I have for myself and the pressure I allow myself to feel - the happier I am.

I am convinced that the key to being happy is “less.”

But ironically I’ve found the key to less is actually more. Confusing, amirite? To feel less pressure, less confusion, less guilt and less self doubt… you have to give yourself MORE.

Give yourself MORE.

Give yourself MORE credit.

Give yourself MORE time.

Give yourself MORE breaks.

Give yourself MORE attention.

Give yourself MORE power.

Give yourself MORE love.

That’s it!

Because for each MORE you give yourself, you receive a corresponding LESS and it’s that less that makes you happy :)

When you give yourself MORE credit, you doubt yourself LESS.

When you give yourself MORE time, you live with LESS pressure to have it all figured out.

When you give yourself MORE breaks, you become LESS critical of yourself.

When you give yourself MORE attention, you live with LESS disregard for what you actually need.

When you give yourself MORE power, you give yourself LESS of a reason to doubt the impact you can have in your life.

When you give yourself MORE love, you compare yourself to others LESS. Less is more! I really, really, really believe this and it all comes down to turning your attention back to yourself.

When you do this, you’ll realize how much unnecessary pressure you’ve put on yourself.

You’ll realize how much unnecessary weight you’ve been carrying around.

You’ll realize how much self doubt, criticism and undue frustration you’ve been aiming at yourself.

Give yourself MORE attention, patience and forgiveness and I’m confident you’ll watch those happiness distractions fade away.

That is how you simplify your life - by balancing what’s in your head and your heart.

You simplify your life by cutting yourself some slack, taking a couple more deep breathes and give yourself MORE.

MORE is less because less is just that - less complicated, less pressure and self doubt. You deserve less right now :)

Join me and give yourself more - more love, more selfies, more time to focus on you, more breaks from the routine, more breaks from expectations and ultimately just a little bit more self love.