By Case Kenny

How to decide what to do in life

Fact: You can’t “think” yourself into becoming the person you want to be.

You can’t think yourself into becoming a badass human, with your dream job, with your 10/10 girlfriend or boyfriend. You can’t think yourself into becoming a suave, confident human. You can’t think yourself into being pimps from Oakland or cowboys from Arizona… Grow up, Peter Pan! Count Chocula!

If you want to become the person you want to become, you have to think it and then do it.

So let’s start with what’s going on in your mind.

Know this: you will never go anywhere if you stay put.

You will never go anywhere if you stay put in your mind and you will never go anywhere if you stay put in what you do. It’s time to make a decision in your head.

It’s time to stop avoiding thinking about things that make you uncomfortable.

Here’s what I say to myself: I will never go anywhere if…

I continue to not know what I want in a relationship.

I refuse to look past trauma or pain in the face and come to terms with it.

I refuse to take a good hard look at my bad habits.

I refuse to push to understand why I’m anxious.

I refuse to come to terms with my insecurities.

A lot of the time, we’re walking in our life when we should be running. We should be running to make sense of things in our mind so we can take action in our life.

This means no longer ignoring those things in your head (aka walking). Run towards it! Have a sense of urgency!

You can do so much more than walk. You can run in your head and in your heart. 

Are you walking towards the person you want to become? Or are you running?

I’m willing to bet that you have some things in your mind that you don’t like to think about. You ignore them and put off thinking about them because it’s uncomfortable.

Your insecurities. Things that have happened or haven’t happened in your past.  Issues with your relationships.

It’s like avoiding looking in the mirror on a bad hair day. You know you’re having a bad hair day but it makes you feel worse when you see it in the mirror… so you don’t look

When you walk instead of run… 

  • You put off understanding why you don’t feel confident.
  • You put off understanding why you can’t commit in a relationship.
  • You put off trying to understand why you aren't fulfilled in your job.
  • You put off understanding why you’re afraid to take a step towards your passion.
  • You put off burying the hatchet, getting rid of grudges, animosity or jealousy that you carry with you.

Make more decisions to face those things.

Make awkward, long contact, awkward with them and work it out! In your head… run towards your relationship issues. Run towards lack of commitment or communication or whatever vulnerability has been holding you back.

Stop walking. Run.

Run towards why you’re not feeling confident in your current relationship. Run towards it in your heart so you can then make a better decision with your actions. In your head… run towards your insecurities.

Run towards your lack of confidence, towards your goofiness that you think is negative, towards your self doubt.

Run towards it. Why do you feel this way? What is making you feel this? What can you do to empower yourself? Run towards it in your heart so that you can make decision with our actions.

The sooner you work things out in your head and heart, the sooner your actions can make that real.

Think and then do!

Sit your *ss down and run towards those things that hold weight in your head and heart.

Run in your head and heart! Sit down, look at those things that make you question yourself that make you uncomfortable.

Look them in the eye so that you can turn around and make more decisions in life.

That could result in a decision to leave your job, to start looking for a new one. It could mean leaving a relationship. It could mean staying single. It could mean banging out a killer selfie and posting it on the gram. It could mean confronting a friend or a parent or brother or sister. It could mean letting go of a grudge. It could mean getting in the gym. It could mean moving. It could mean stopping a bad habit or picking up a new one.

Run in your head and heart so that you can run in your life with what you do.

Run towards what you want to make sense of so that you can then make it real with what you do.

You connect the dots looking back… not forward.

So, stop putting off those things you need to make sense of in your head, make more decisions and have more dots to connect.