By Case Kenny

The least interesting thing about you is your looks

If the best thing about you is how you look… it’s time to hit reset.

If the best thing about someone else is how they look… it’s time to hit reset.

If the first thing you use to evaluate worth, value or purpose is looks… it’s time to hit reset.

Everyone has looks.

But not everyone has the same heart, mind or soul.

That sh*t is 100% unique and THAT is what matters.

Go a step deeper. Go to a place where you can look at the things that actually define a person. Go deeper to the things that will not fade. Energy, vibe, impact, mindset, energy and compassion.

Stop assuming!

Stop assuming that 10 appearance means 10 talent, 10 personality, 10 work ethic, 10 values or 10 mindset.

Work on your appearance! Work out! Feel sexy. Feel confident. I’m all for it. BUT realize that those things say nothing about who you are and they say nothing about someone else beyond “nice face.”

Those things say nothing about innate value, ability or compassion.

Looks and value are completely separate. 

See that in yourself and in others.

In yourself… know that if you don't always like what you see in the mirror, that’s OK because there’s this complete other side of the equation of things that actually matters.

In others... you should know that someone might have a nice smile and a bangin’ bod, but that’s nice and nothing to get overzealous about.

Those things don’t make that person any better, more deserving or more talented.

You have to love someone else for other reasons to make it work. You have to love yourself for other reasons to be happy. You have to go deeper than physical attraction to be happy.

If you look at yourself and your sense of value, worth or purpose evaporates because you’re having a bad hair day or your face is breaking out… it’s time to hit reset.

If you look skinny and weak or overweight and flabby, if you don’t like your teeth, your eyes, your ears, your elbows, etc … and you let that throw you… it’s time to hit reset.

And if you cast that same judgement on someone else, it’s time to hit reset.

Real lasting contentment and confidence is not tied to those things. It’s your contents that make you interesting.

Looks draw you in but what comes next either gets people to stick around or leave.

There’s gotta be more! Energy, vibe, compassion, empathy, mission, passion, kindness.

Those are attractive af! Your looks will fade. Their looks will fade. What is left? Don’t wait to find out. Find out now. That is how you make better decisions in your dating life, in your social circle, your friends, etc! What matters is one’s sense of spirit, curiosity, drive and compassion.

THAT is what you’ll be remembered for.

It’s not going to be for your size 0, your biceps or your eyes.

It’s not your skincare routine. It’s how you make someone feel and what you do with your compassion. It’s how you stand by what you believe in and how you support others. 

Your legacy will have very little to do with your looks. It will have 100% to do with your soul, your energy and what you do with it.

Hit reset: don’t assign so much worth to looks… your or theirs.

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