By Case Kenny

How to appreciate the moment

There is no moment in life that is worth skipping. There is nothing worth fast forwarding through.

This moment right now is special and even thought it’s only a drop in a sea of many more moments in life... it is a moment and isn’t something to be skipped or that you “just need to get through.”

I get the temptation, though.

We’re all tempted to not appreciate the moment.

We're tempted to want to skip ahead.

We’re tempted to want to skip the bad parts of life - the times where we’re frustrated, when we are hurting, when we feel unsure or lost.

But right now I think we can take pause and appreciate that each moment has something for us.

One day you’re going to inevitably look back and you’re going to miss these days.

You’re going to look back at these times and crave these moments - how you felt, who you were with, how “simple” the times were, what your day looked like. I’m sure right now you’re doing just that.

You’re probably looking back at how life used to be and you’re craving it.

But no matter how badly you want to skip a moment, there will come a time when you’ll be older and you’ll look back and you’ll think of these times - the things you’re doing, the simpleness of your day, the books you’re reading, the movies you’re watching, the things you’re talking about with your friends.

You’ll look back and you’ll appreciate it. 

Know this: who you are today comes from your thoughts from yesterday. And your thoughts today build your life of tomorrow. 

So don’t skip today! Don’t skip a moment!

Your thoughts and your appreciation today matters and when you’re grateful for what you have right now, you can feel good along the way to what you desire. Because there will come a day where you’ll realize that one moment of your life isn’t better than another.

Yes, some days will be filled with more memorable moments than others. Yes, some days will be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling… and others just a blip in time.

But along the way, you’ll realize how valuable a single moment is and how valuable being carefree and present is. You’ll realize the clarity you get in life from being present and from trusting yourself that you belong here.

And that’s the truth.

You belong here. Right now. In this moment.

Not a week in the future, a month, a year or 5 years.

Trust yourself that this moment serves you. This moment grows you.

Because amidst all the things you don’t have right now and all the things that lie on the other side of tomorrow… no one and nothing can take this moment from you.

And in this moment you are here. And here matters.

It matters and is never worth skipping. Know that you belong here, that this moment serves you and trust that it’s building a tomorrow that you are worthy of.