By Case Kenny

You deserve more

I firmly believe that you deserve more... in every area of your life.

- I believe you deserve more money.

- I believe you deserve to travel more.

- I believe you deserve to date someone better. (yes! I said better!)

- I believe you deserve to have a more fulfilling career.

I want you to grow tired of being on the outside looking in - cruising the 'gram, Facebook, the news and seeing other people crushing it, doing amazing things, being super successful, falling in love, creating the body of their dreams - and not FULLY believing that you are deserving of that too.

Because you do deserve better. You do!

BUT belief is not enough. You have to prove it. You have to step out.

Here's a silly meme I saw to illustrate:

"Shoutout to all the single women who complain about being single but never go out. Just waiting for Mr. Right to break into your house."

This really describes what I’m talking about.

I believe you deserve more. You are worthy of more, of better.

BUT unless you get your *ss out there and at least try to show the world why that's the case, then that statement is not true. You have to show the world your potential. You have to show other people who you are. If you do that, if you show up, then I believe that you really do deserve more.

That’s the reality of the world. The world doesn’t reward people with belief only. The world rewards people who have belief AND are willing to project it out in the world.

REAL TALK: if you’re sitting there saying "I’m such a catch, I deserve more," OR "I’m great at my job, I deserve a raise," or "I’m funny, I deserve to make people laugh," then prove it!

Seriously… prove it.

Step out and show the world a glimpse of your potential.

You don’t have to be the best! You don’t have to be the funniest, the best looking, the funniest... to deserve better people. You don’t have to be the most talented, most aggressive, most knowledgeable... to deserve a better career. Step out. Just step out.

You just have to show what you’ve got and that you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

When you step out, when you prove to the universe that you’re willing to step up and go all in… you'll be rewarded.

I promise you that.

When you show that you’re not willing to just b*tch and moan about something over happy hour with your friends or complain that dating in your city sucks... that is when the universe rewards you. I want you to say that yourself… prove it!

- If you deserve an amazing person in your life, show the world why you’re such a catch.

- If you deserve more money or a better job, show the world that you’ve got talent or drive or that you’re willing to put in the work.

- If you deserve to have your music or your art seen and recognized, show the world that you’re willing to try and try and try until you get there.

You deserve more. You do!

I know you do. It's time to stop hiding behind that mindset alone.

Demand that you deserve more and step out. Prove it yourself and prove it to the world.

Don’t wait for better to come crashing through your wall Kool Aid man-style.

Demand it from the world by proving it.

Step out and show that not only do you believe you’re worthy but that you have the potential, the drive, the kindness, the skills, the willingness, the eagerness, to get it.

When you do that, I think you separate yourself from 99% of people who believe this but aren’t willing to prove it.

Proving it doesn’t mean you win, it doesn’t mean you’re the best… it just means that you’re willing to take your belief, the things you love about yourself, the potential you see in yourself… and show it to the world.