By Case Kenny

How to calm your anxious thoughts

Knowing the difference between being honest with yourself and truthful with yourself is the key to calming your anxious thoughts.

Being honest with yourself is great.

It’s the equivalent of saying I feel upset. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure. I feel lost.

But the thing about those statements is they are usually short and temporary. But being truthful with yourself is zooming out and being real about long term facts.

Being truthful is about the FACTS of your life - what you deserve, what you know you're capable of, what your destiny is, etc.

In the moment you might feel a certain way - and you’re honest about it. That's great!

I honestly feel overwhelmed right now. I honestly feel lost right now. I honestly feel unlovable right now.

But the truth is zooming out and stating the facts.

- I feel overwhelmed right now... but the truth is I’ve always figured out things before and I’ll do it again.

- I feel lost right now… but the truth is I have no doubt I'll wind up where I belong.

- I feel unlovable right now… but the truth is I know I deserve to be loved.

Being able to tell the difference between your honest thoughts and what is true is how you take back control.

What are some truths in your life?

What are some things you fundamentally believe?

Here are some of mine:

- I believe my hard work will pay off.

- I believe I have something special to give the world, a partner, my friends.

- I believe I am worthy of financial freedom.

- I believe I deserve someone who chooses me just as I choose them.

Those are truths.

I’m sure you have something you believe without a doubt. That's something you refuse to negotiate on.

Now consider a bad day in your life.

You will feel anxious thoughts creep up. They might feel overwhelming and you you're honest with yourself about them. That's great you have that self awareness.

You get broken up with or you have another relationship fall apart and so you’re honestly feeling defeated, unlovable and unworthy of someone in your life.

Those are honest feelings. It’s good that you’re able to vocalize those feelings.

BUT what is the truth? Turn to the truth you believe in.

You believe you deserve someone who chooses you. That is your truth.

Knowing the difference is how you take back control. Knowing that being honest is not always being truthful is how you take back control.

It might not fix the frustration of that moment but it can help keep your head up. It gives you resolve.

Isn't that what life is all about?

Isn't life about moving forward? Isn't life about keeping your head up as you work towards what you deserve? Isn't life about finding your resolve?

The next time you’re feeling anxious ask yourself… is this the truth OR just an honest thought?

Know what your truths are - fundamental statements about your worth you’re unwilling to waver on. And be protective of them!

The next time you feel anxious, repeat those truths. Say: these are my truths and I refuse to let go of them.

Feelings not facts. Honesty not truth.