By Case Kenny

How to make sense of your "almost relationship"

In life there are a lot of "almost moments."

- Almost got that dream job.

- Almost won that game.

- Almost got that reward or that recognition.

- Almost got what you deserved.

But the almost that really sticks with us is that "almost relationship." An almost person. An almost love. An almost future with someone.

The worst thing about an "almost relationship" is the failed potential.

It’s a sinking feeling to have seen a future together but for it to have gone nowhere. It’s a sinking feeling to not have answers, to have almost been something together, to have been so close, to have experienced that connection... and then nothing.

You might think your almost relationship's failure was your fault. You might think you’re now stuck in a cycle of relationships where you're almost good enough, almost ready to get what you deserve or almost ready for a future together with someone I feel you.

That sucks. But before you jump to a conclusion, there’s something to realize amidst all of this.

Think about this.

What did that "almost relationship" give you?

- Great times with someone even if they were short lived? Yes

- Someone who made you feel happy? Yes

- A feeling of peace and calm and connection with someone?

Yes Those are amazing feelings and you should be grateful for the opportunity to have had them… no matter how short lived they were and no matter how abruptly they ended.

Please don’t throw away how you felt when you had those feelings.

As much as an almost hurts… it’s actually the most powerful sign you can have in your life.

Hold onto how that made you feel because the universe rewards those who believe in the power of almost. It rewards those who have been rejected, failed, tasted almost BUT who realized that it means something powerful.

It means something that will make you realize just how grateful you should be that what happened happened but you see it for what it is… a hopeful sign of what is to come next - of the chapter that comes next. Almost means soon and soon means that final chapter is right around the corner.

Don't turn cold. Don't assume the worst.

An almost relationship doesn't mean you're destined for more of them.​​ You’re not starting over, you’re just being redirected to a more final chapter.

Look at the world around you… how many times have you seen someone get out of "almost relationship" and next thing you know they found their person? It happens. It happens a lot. A lot. More than you’d think.

And it happens because something amazing and rewarding comes after an almost moment. I firmly believe that when you experience an almost moment - an "almost relationship" - you are being redirected to a final chapter. And that final chapter is coming soon.

Soon. After ALMOST comes SOON. Soon.

Think about your own life. What happened after your life’s other almost moments?

- You tried again.

- You sent another resume.

- You played another game.

- You worked harder.

You did that because you were close and close means soon. You knew that. You worked hard to get to that point and you weren’t going to give up. And so you didn't!

You didn’t assume the worst. You tried again.

It was that simple because you knew almost meant soon. You knew that almost meant your hard work was close to paying off. Your lessons learned were guiding you. You were seeing things more clearly. You finally knew what you wanted.

So please see your "almost relationship" for what it is... a fulfilling experience while it lasted BUT more than that… it is a sign of soon. It is a sign of a final chapter to come.

Almost means you’re on the right path. Almost means you deserve more. Almost means you are capable of getting it. Almost means you’re capable of getting it SOON.

Embrace your "almost relationship." Be grateful for what it gave you while it lasted. Take back your power again and realize that almost means soon and that is always a reason to smile.