By Case Kenny

Listen to your soul

There is a biiiiig difference between your brain and your soul - and recognizing that can help you stop overthinking in your life.

There’s a saying from the homie Rumi that says: “The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.”

It’s your brain that makes you overthink.

It’s your brain that clouds your vision, dulls your shine and takes your confidence away.

Simply put, the reason you overthink is you’re stuck between listening to your brain and listening to your soul.

You don’t know which to listen to and because your brain is often louder and easier to understand, you choose to let it decide what you do with your life.

But both have different opinions.

Your brain is anxious, worrisome, realistic and rational.

Your soul is soft and eager. It’s filled with optimism, forgiveness, and hope.

They’re at odds with each other!

Your brain is like your wonderful mom who worries too much. You love her of course, and she wants what’s best for you, but she worries 24/7. That’s your brain. 

  • It tells you that if something bad can happen, it’s going to happen to you.
  • It tells you that everyone is watching you and is listening to everything you do.
  • It tells you that you need security, that your 401K is too low, that you shouldn’t stay up past midnight, and you shouldn’t shoot your shot.

Paulo Coehlo once said: “Don't allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.

I love that because it’s true!

Here’s how it tends to happen.

You have a moment of vulnerability where your soul tells you that you’re a freakin’ catch and that you deserve to be treated as such but your brain says: hold up! You’re almost 30. It’s time to take what you can get. 

You have a moment of conscious awakening where your soul says: my finance job isn’t doing anything for the world. Maybe I should consider the peace corps or joining a non-profit or something. But your brain says: Hold up! How are you going to pay your rent?! You have bills to pay! No one wants to be with someone who makes less than $100K! Grow up Peter Pan.

You could have a moment where you feel immensely grateful to have a friend in your life and you want to tell them that but your brain says: Hold up! That’s weird, dude. That’s too emotional, my guy. Lock it up!

Your brain gives up quickly! It gives up because it is conditioned to be overly realistic.

It’s overly cautious. It’s overly pessimistic, negative and sometimes downright mean to you. It doubts you and makes you doubt yourself.

I’m confident that we’d all be a bit more human if we gave more focus to what our soul is telling us. There are truths inside of us that we’ve forgotten about because we’re so distracted by our rational brains.

Your soul doesn't want you to be realistic or rational anymore! Your soul wants you to be a bit reckless, confident, optimistic, empathetic and to smile and dance too much. It wants you to be the most human you can be.

Listen to your soul for a change. Let it remind you that it has a map that is entirely different from the one in your brain.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know what it’s like to feel your soul. Your heart might beat faster, you might have pit in your stomach or feel a sudden desire to stand or smile or cry. You might feel a sudden urge or motivation.

That is your soul. And you should really tune into it.

Don’t dismiss those thoughts or feelings that say:

You shouldn’t in settle in a relationship even if you’re in your mid 30s and you're feeling so much pressure to just get married.

You should try that new hobby, sport, music, art, whatever… even if you think you’re talentless or going to be made fun of or is a waste of time.

Your brain has been conditioned to protect you but it just doesn't get it!

Here’s what I know:

Maybe you don't need to be protected right now.

Maybe you don’t need to be so reasonable right now.

Maybe you don’t need a 5 year plan right now.

Maybe you don’t need a 401K and stock options right now.

Maybe you don’t need to be in a relationship right now.

Maybe you simply need to listen to what your soul is saying because it could be saying something completely different. Something more personal. Something more urgent. Something deeper.