By Case Kenny

How to find your purpose

I think it’s time to hit reset on all the pressure we feel to find our purpose.

Purpose this, purpose that - has everyone has found theirs but me!?

Does that like something you’ve been thinking?

Have you been feeling purpose pressure? I think we waaaaay over-complicate the idea of purpose.

So here’s my simple take on how to find your purpose.

We have two purposes in life.

First, we have a creative purpose.

This is a purpose that is derived from your talents, skills or brain. It comes from your athleticism, personality, humor, knowledge or creativity.

This purpose can lead you in all kinds of interesting directions in life. It can lead you to become a YouTuber, a podcaster, a writer, an athlete, a top salesperson, entrepreneur, a talented artist, barber or bartender, lawyer or a top expert in your field.

It can take a long time to fully figure this purpose out or until it finally clicks but that’s what makes life interesting!

Second, is your HUMAN purpose.

This is a purpose we all have and it requires no development or practice. There’s zero pressure to “find” this because you already have it! Your human purpose is to inspire someone else to believe in goodness.

That’s it!

I recognize this is an incredibly cheesy thing to say but it is so fundamental to your existence that I’d be remiss if I didn’t proclaim this as your purpose.

Your human purpose is to remind other people of the goodness of humans, the goodness of kindness, and the empathy we all possess. It really is!

This is something we all have the ability to live and spread.

Think about it. No matter who you are, how old you are, your relationship status, what you look like, how much money you have in the bank, how much you can bench press or how many followers you have on TikTok… you have the ability to spread goodness.

You can use your words, actions, and choices to make other people believe in goodness.

- You can be the reason that someone finds faith in themselves again.

- You can be the reason someone finds a reason to smile or have hope again.

- You can be the reason someone finds comfort that has been alluding them for so long.

THAT is a fundamental human purpose and it is always there for you to grab ahold of and spread.

Your human purpose is to remind someone that people are inherently good, kind, and loving.

Your purpose is to share that with one person or 1 million people but THAT is your purpose nonetheless. It’s to spread faith and belief in the goodness of people. You know how to do this.

You’ve been doing it without realizing it’s your purpose.

You spread goodness when you:

- Speak up for what is right.

- Condemn what is wrong.

- Give more than receive.

- Judge less.

- Decide to be kind even though you don’t have to.

- Donate time, money, knowledge or things. Smile and a wave.

THAT is purpose.

That is the reminder you’re on this earth to spread.

So relaaaaaax my friend!

Stop feeling so much pressure to “find your purpose.” Instead, simply lean into your human purpose as you continue to work on finding your creative purpose. Who knows.. maybe they are intertwined? Life is exciting like that.