By Case Kenny

How to become lucky

If I tell you not to think of a yellow car, what do you think of?

Probably a yellow car.

If I continue to tell you that every day, what’s going to happen?

You’re probably going to end up spotting more and more yellow cars as you’re out and about in your city.

It's the same when it comes to opportunity and luck in life.

So here I am saying to you: don’t think about becoming lucky :)

Why? Because the more you prepare your mind to be lucky, the more I fundamentally believe you will encounter luck and opportunity in your life.

You’ll end up saying: I’m the luckiest person in the world! It's like the universe wants me to win!

How do you get to this point? Simply become ready for opportunity.

Say: I am ready! I haven’t been lucky in a long time and I haven’t seen any opportunity come my way… BUT blank slate…. moving forward I am ready.

Simply make that commitment and live your life. Live with intention, push yourself and work hard with that commitment in your heart.

When you do this, I’m confident you’ll start to see what I do. I’ve learned that when you feel like you don’t have opportunity in life or that you’re never the “lucky one,” that a lot of the time this is the case because you simply don’t have your eyes open to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you.

You’re not seeing that yellow car because you’re not looking for it.

Opportunity is that yellow car! Luck is the yellow car! You have to train your mindset to see it. You do that simply by affirming that you are ready to become lucky and you are ready to act when an opportunity presents itself to you.

Opportunity is what happens when you combine your innate talent, drive, skill and hard work WITH a mindset that says I am ready!

I call this the “giddy up” mindset.

Giddy up. Ready. Prepared. Committed.

Be committed to see opportunities in your life and act on them. It’s a simple thing and might not sound like much, but the moment you commit to taking advantage of any opportunity big or small in your life, is the moment you’ll magically begin to be presented with more and more of them.

It could literally be anything big or small.

A random opportunity to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

The opportunity to present a big project at work.

Getting called on in class and impressing everyone.

A random DM, text or something you see online.

Applying for that job and getting a call back.

When you commit to being ready to get lucky, you’ll see what you didn’t before: there are more opportunities and luck in your life than you might realize.

When you become committed to being ready when those opportunities arrive, the more you’ll see them in front of you.