By Case Kenny

This is why you are worthy

It’s not a cheesy thing to say I am worthy.

It’s a power move to affirm your worth!

The best way to do that is simply by not looking back anymore.

It’s a power move to turn your eyes away from the past and move them to the present.

It’s a power move to say: I’m too busy today to worry about yesterday. I’m too busy working on who I am to define myself by who I was.

That is a power move!

As the saying goes… if you hit a wrong note in life, it’s the next note you play that determines if it’s good or bad.

Dust yourself off, stand back up and affirm your worth.

Simply knowing that you’re not done yet and that you’re going to play another note… THAT is what makes you worthy.

It’s true to say that who you are in the present is a result of your past.

There’s no denying that. There's no denying that your past shapes who you are.

BUT your self worth is bigger than that! Your self worth is bigger than what was.  It’s bigger than the decisions you made and the struggles you’ve been through. It’s bigger than those memories.

Stories from your past are important. They are lessons learned. They have led you here. But no matter your opinion of yourself, you are here and because you are here you get to play another not.

Affirming that makes you worthy in life. Affirming that you are not done defining who you are is what makes you worthy. Plain and simple.

No overthinking necessary.

If you’re game to play another note, you are worthy.

You are worthy because you know that you can rewrite your story. You can change your path and you are willing to try. THAT is why you are worthy.

You are not too messed up to change your future.

You are not too flawed to be worthy. 

You are not too indecisive to be worthy.

You are not too damaged to be worthy.

You are not too guilty or ashamed to be worthy.

You are not too poor or talentless or unattractive to be worthy.

Your worth comes from deciding what you do next - not what was or what wasn’t.

You are worthy because you refuse to quit. You refuse to label yourself a failure or damaged goods. You refuse to wear the labels of your past. You refuse to say what’s done is done or I’m just the way I am.

No! You’re going to play another note and THAT is an absolute power move.

You get to decide which note to play now and the very fact that you’re playing it means you are worthy.

Say: I’m going to play another note and see where it leads me in my career, my relationships, my self growth, my confidence and my self esteem.

I’m not going to let my past notes define me. I’m not going to call it quits, wear labels of the past or say ‘what’s done is done.’

I’m here for a reason. I have led myself here and I’m going to continue to write my story.

That is a power move and it takes your power back - away from your past and moves it to your present.