By Case Kenny

Masculine and feminine energy

Let's talk about masculine and feminine energies.

For starters, I think we need to stop falling into stereotypes where men are masculine energy beings and women are feminine.

We need to stop making broad sweeping assumptions and assertions about linear roles… because the result is the exact problem we face - men suppress their feminine energy and women suppress their masculine energy out of fear of some stigma, some judgment, or some anxiousness over being too ____.

That’s the root of so many problems in this day and age.

Certainly on the male spectrum, the most triggered, fragile, toxic men are those who reject any semblance of feminine energy.

And on the female side, the women who fully reject their potential to tap into their masculine energy… it leads to a lot frustration, a lot of pent up lack of fulfillment, attachment issues, and becoming overly passive.

Where the real magic happens in life is where we find a balance between these two energies.

When I think about masculine energy…

I think about an assertive, confident, protective energy. I think about an energy that is intentional and grounded. Rooted in integrity and boldness. Active.

Of course, there is a darker, more unevolved side of this - a need to prove oneself, fear of failure, fear of not being enough, massive self centeredness, selfishness, and an inability to be vulnerable and rooted in feelings.

When I think about feminine energy...

This is an energy with a strong sense of self and boundaries that come with it, it’s compassion and caring, it’s being sensitive and selfless, warm and welcoming, present.

But then on the other end of this is a feminine energy that is closed off, insecure, desperate for validation through the external - comparison, compliments, relationship status, etc.

There’s power in being a man with feminine energy and there’s power in being a woman with masculine energy.

There’s power in balance and frankly I think there’s necessity in balance. If you’re a man who dismisses his feminine energy, you’re leaving so much of your power and compassion and ability on the table.

And if you’re a woman who thinks masculine energy isn’t for you or is a turnoff, you're doing the same.

We attach words like masculine and feminine to simple intuitive abilities we all have and as a result we attach stigmas that do nothing but hold us back out of fear of being too _____... too masculine or too feminine.

We need to lead with both masculine and feminine energy.


A balance that honors the intuitive nature of how you identify with that of being practical.

A balance that honors your ability to be bold with being patient.

A balance that honors your ability to be committed and disciplined, with being loving and supportive and selfless.

A balance that honors your ability to be honest and logical with intuitive and emotional.

A balance that honors being open and free with being grounded in boundaries and standards.

A balance between speaking up and being humble.

We react from what we know. We react from how we’ve been conditioned to react.

We react from a place of linear identity.

You’re reacting to life, love, business with the energy you’ve always tapped into.

You get defensive when someone challenges you.

You look for validation based on something - money, looks, success.

You feel you need to prove yourself to those around you.

No one can fault you for living in a sense of truth that has been conditioned, BUT what if you stepped back and asked yourself:

How can I introduce more balance in my life?

How can I stay rooted in purpose instead of living passively?

How can I push myself to stop desperately needing to prove worth and instead stay grounded in what I bring to the table?

How can I push myself to shoot my shot instead of waiting for it to come to me?

How can I push myself to NOT be threatened by the opposite of my energy?

If you identify mostly by your masculine energy, how can you push yourself to not be threatened by someone’s feminine energy or your own?

If you identify mostly by your feminine energy, how can you push yourself to not be threatened by leaning into your masculine energy?

Challenge yourself...

Does being soft and kind mean you can’t be assertive? Does being bold and active mean you can’t be sensitive and honest? Does being warm and welcoming mean you can’t speak up first?

Who made these rules that men are this way and women are this way? Says who?!

You’re amazing when you can be sensitive but strong, humble but confident, warm but bold.

That's where the magic happens.

What would be the complement to your conditioning of being soft and humble and someone who always acts second?

What would be the complement to reacting based on only intuition?

What would be the complement to always just pushing through, hustle, hustle hustle?

What if you prioritize a need to be respected with a more comforting desire to simply connect?

What if you stopped trying to overcome and transcend emotions and instead lived in them and learned from them?

What if you challenged that with the new opposite mindset you’re so capable of tapping into?

A balance between ​​masculine and feminine because you know the power it offers you.