By Case Kenny

The "Hot Girl Summer" mindset

According to Meg Thee Stallion... hot girl (or guy) summer is simply about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth and being the life of the party.

You know THAT’S a vibe I can get behind.

Something else I can get behind is recognizing that being unapologetically YOU is NEVER tied to your relationship status.

- You can be single... and be unapologetically YOU.

- You can be in a committed relationship... and be unapologetically YOU.

But how do you live this mindset 24/7 instead of only when it's easy?

It’s easy to live your truth when you’re six Trulys deep, the sun is out and there’s great music playing.

It’s easy to live your truth when you're with your best friend crew and you’re having fun clowning on each other.

It’s easy to be unapologetically YOU when you’re in your comfort zone.

But how do you stand confidently in who you are after going on another bad date, after your job sucks, after your friends disappoint you or after you’re feeling unsure of yourself?

Two realizations...

FIRST realize there’s no right way to live your life. BUT… there is a wrong way… and the wrong way is to think there’s a right way.

There truly is no right way to do anything! How amazing is that realization?!

There’s no right way to be single. There’s no right way to be in a relationship. There’s no right way to make a living. There's no right way to be confident.

There's no blueprint for anything!

How YOU live your truth is how YOU live your truth.

You don’t need to be like anyone else who seems to be living their truth. That’s their right truth and their right way.

YOUR right way is YOUR right way. Embracing this is what makes you unapologetically YOU.

Your confidence is your confidence. Your relationship status is your relationship status. Your happiness is your happiness. It’s up to you to define what is right for you TODAY.

That is the hot girl summer mindset and that is being unapologetically YOU.

SECOND, recognize that NOT having everything figured out is a gift.

Frankly life would be pretty boring if you had it all figured out right now. If you're like… yep I’ve got it all figured out right now. I know exactly who I am and what I need.

There’s nothing I don’t know and nothing I haven’t experienced because I’ve got it all figured out... that sounds REALLY boring!

That would mean no more ups and downs. No more learning. No more overcoming struggle. No more overcoming doubts or insecurities.

The second part of being unapologetically YOU is just being grateful that you’ve got more to learn and more opportunities to evolve your definition of "right."

Live your truth today. Live your version of RIGHT as it is today... and be energized because it WILL evolve.

That's being unapologetically YOU right now.

It’s trusting in the version of you as it is today. It's trusting that you don’t have it all figured out today because more answers are coming.

Trust that feeling lost will mean being found. Trust that your failures will become your testimonies. Trust that the pieces will come together.

But today... just be your version of "right."

Be you!

And not just because that's the biggest cliche in the book but because you get to decide what's "right" for you today AND you get to look forward to more versions of you in the future.