By Case Kenny

The most important decision you'll ever make in life

What is the most important choice you'll make in life?

I've seen many lists and articles written about this.

What career you decide to pursue...

Who you decide to date...

Who you decide to marry...

Where you decide to live...

How many kids you decide to have...

How you decide to invest your money...

Those are, of course, very important choices to make in life and there's no denying the outcome of those choices has an impact on your happiness and fulfilment.

BUT I think there's an even more important decision you'll make in life.

It's ONE huge decision... and it's a mindset question.


This question is predicated on the fact that the assumptions you make about yourself and the world around you - whether you believe it or not - create your reality.

Assumptions create reality.

Think about that.

When you assume something to be true… you accept it as fact and it then 100% influences the decisions you make or don’t make.

- If you assume your friends are secretly talking sh** about you behind your back… you grow animosity and resentment against them.

- If you assume that 10/10 is out of your league…. you don't shoot your shot.

- If you assume your dream job would never hire YOU... you don't apply.

So then in regard to the most important decision you’ll make in life...

What is the assumption you’ve made about the world around you?

Is it that everyone and everything is out to get you?

Or is it that no matter what happens... it’s all conspiring to ultimately move you in a more redeeming direction?

That is THE choice you have to make. That is THE ASSUMPTION you have to make.

If the world is against you...

- It means you’re threatened by people around you. You believe that both you and them both can’t succeed. It means that if someone is better than you in some way - better looking, smarter, more senior, etc. - they’re going to succeed and you’re not. And so you give up easily.

- It means you compare and judge yourself a lot… unfairly. You think that everyone else has their sh** together and you don’t. You’re lost. And do lost people have confidence in their actions? Not really.

- It means you view everything in a cynical way. You think everyone else gets lucky and you don’t. You think that if you’re dating someone they’ll leave you as soon as they find someone better.

You don't apply for your dream job. You accept what you have. You don’t shoot your shot. You take whatever love is available. You don’t practice your passion because it’s silly and there's so many more talented people out there.

But if the world is for you...

You have confidence in the DIRECTION your life takes no matter the Ws or Ls in the immediate. You shoot your shot, you apply for that job, you start that business, you make that investment.

You believe in your ability to either succeed OR rebound if you don’t succeed.

You know that whatever you’re going through will pass and you’ll get another shot. You know that in the same way life can go from 100 to 0 fast… it can also go from 0 to 100 fast.

And that means that you’ll get another chance to try again, to love again or to be loved again.

What a life changing way to view life!

This ONE assumption dictates EVERYTHING. It dictates what you accept. ​It dictates the standards you set for yourself. It dictates your aspirations and dreams. It dictates your expectations of others.

Is the world for you or against you? You decide.