By Case Kenny

The one thing that truly matters in life

What actually matters in life?

What matters in your life is that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen… you can look yourself in the mirror and say… I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of my intentions. I’m proud of my effort. I’m proud of my journey.

THAT is what matters in life.

Making this your goal will have so many positive effects in your life - in your career, in your personal growth, in your dating life. Everything.

You’ll find yourself being more compassionate and more confident. You’ll go after what you want, you’ll say YES more often and you’ll say NO more often. But more than that, it will help you deal with the ups and downs of life. It will help you deal deal with loss and frustration.

You'll be proud of yourself on your journey, with where you are, the intentions you carry, the compassion you give, the kindness you offer and the actions you take.

You won't always win but you'll always be getting closer to what you want and who you want to be. It’ll be inevitable.

You'll start thinking and saying things like: I have to make myself proud! I have to do what I said I’m going to do! I have to go after my dreams! I have to say the things I want to say! I have to breathe life into the ideas I have! I have to! Because that is how I become proud of myself!

When you live with this as your intention, you move yourself closer to who you want to be.

- Every time you speak your mind and say it was great getting to know you but I don’t think we’re going to be a match... you'll be proud of yourself for that.

- Every time you get your a** off the couch and work out even though you're tired and would rather just chill… you'll be proud of yourself for that.

- Every time you get an idea that seems out of reach or unattainable but you take that first step, you send that first email, you pick up the phone, you ask for an introduction… you'll be proud of yourself for that.

- Every time you are vulnerable even though everything in you says don’t say how you really feel... you'll be proud of yourself for that.

I want you to try this. For one month.

Make this your goal. Make this your intention. I want to be proud of myself.

See what happens. See how your relationships change.See how your dating life changes. See how your passion projects change. See how your career changes.

See how many awkward situations it puts you in. See how many honest conversations it empowers you to have. See how many more additional workouts you get in. See how many more emails you send or how many more calls you make. See how many more actions it inspires you to take.

And most of all… see how it affects your relationship with YOU.

I’m confident that the more you make this your goal the more you’ll find yourself being less harsh towards yourself. When you act on this intention of being proud of yourself… that will be enough for you.

You won’t beat yourself up so much. You won’t carry so much doubt with you.

You’ll simply be proud of your effort.

- You’ll be proud of your intentions and your heart.

- You’ll be proud of not settling.

- You’ll be proud of the love you give.

- You'll be proud of the times you went for it, the DMs you sent, the questions you asked.

- You’ll be proud of asking for what you want. Most of all, you’ll be proud that you lived your life and you did it with intention and without hesitation.

You didn't just survive trying to get through your life but rather you pointed yourself in the direction you wanted, you lived with integrity and you can always look yourself in the mirror and be proud of that effort.