By Case Kenny

This is the power of self belief

Your mindset has the power to change your life. 

Consider the following mindset.

In life, someone already has or will have the things you want or be the person you want to be.

Someone is going to win.

Someone is going to be happy.

Someone is going to be incredibly fulfilled in their career.

Someone is going to travel the world and experience everything they dream of.

Someone is going to find their person and they’re going to live an incredible life together.

Someone is going to ask for what they want and then they’re going to get it. 

Why can’t that person be you? Why? Not? You?

Someone has. Someone is. Someone will. Why can’t that person be you?

This isn’t just a question you should ask yourself. It’s an answer. It’s a declaration that says YOU deserve those things. They are not reserved for everyone but you. YOU are that someone! YOU are someone who deserves those things! 

You have to believe you deserve something if you're ever going to get it. The fact of life is that someone will get or already has what you want. If you can dream it, someone out there is probably doing it or will do it.

So why can’t that person be you?

Do you believe that you are worthy of what you want?

No? It’s human to doubt yourself but if you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question why not me?… I’m confident you’ll start to believe in your worth again.

The reality of life is that you tend to forget what you deserve. You become convinced that certain things are reserved for certain people (and you aren’t one of them).

You use absolute BS to convince yourself of this.

- You say you don’t deserve love because none of your previous relationships have worked out and they failed because of you.

- You say you don’t deserve that big paycheck because there’s always someone who's a better salesperson than you, smarter than you or more charismatic than you.

- You say you don’t deserve to be happy because you’re constantly disappointing yourself and you don’t have confidence or self esteem.

But hit reset and ask yourself this:

Are you trying? Are you motivated? Are you resolved to never settle? 


Then ask yourself... Why not me? Reject any doubt that pops into your head.

Simply reject it and keep rejecting it. Swat it away until you can ask yourself why not me and have no good reason to think of.

At that point things change.

You’ll realize that you do deserve the things you once thought were reserved for others.

You deserve to find things that make you happy. 

You deserve to be at peace. You deserve to heal. You deserve to be successful by your own definition.

You deserve to wake up every morning excited to be alive.

You deserve to be energized and motivated everyday.

Do you believe those things?

No? That’s ok. 

But you can. You can come to believe them by frequently asking yourself why not me?

And when that BS voice tries to answer by saying I’m not ready, I’m not confident enough, I’m not funny enough, good looking enough, smart enough, experienced enough and so on.. swat that BS away. Reject it. Utterly reject it.

The next time you start doubting your worth… ask yourself why not me? Ask it often and directly and I’m confident you’ll start believing in your worth again.