By Case Kenny

The truth about "the one who got away"

The one who got away... The fairy tale ending that never happened... The love that never materialized...

Can you relate?

You were close to something with so much potential but it never fully happened. Maybe life got in the way? Maybe it was "right person, wrong time?" Maybe it was just too complicated to ever work?

Whatever it was you have a memory of something that could've been great but never happened.

Let's reframe how we look at "the person who got away."

It’s normal to have an "almost person" in your past and wonder what if… But we need to end it there.

The reason we get hung up on "almost" is that we look at that person and we see it as the closest we ever felt to perfect love, perfect connection, etc. We consider them to be "the best." They were the closest you felt to being understood and all the things you want in a partner.

But just because they were the best... why can't your future hold even better?


YOU are the one who got away.

Not in the sense of running away or escaping but rather it's a more hopeful version of YOU. It's no longer about them and how great they were and how much you regret not making the most of it.

It’s no longer a story of what could’ve been. It’s no longer a story of regret, pain or doubt. It’s a story where YOU are the one who got away. It’s a story about the new direction YOU'RE heading. It’s a story about what lies ahead for YOU.

Just because something was great in the past it doesn't mean YOU can’t believe in a new, different version of it in the future.

Which of the following makes you happier?

Looking back and regretting a moment, a time, a person or a connection that almost was but never came to be? OR… choosing to say YOU have hope for the future? Choosing to believe that redirection is the theme of this chapter of your life?

You bring a lot to the table and YOU are the one who got away. Your worth never changed as a result of the one who got away.

What you bring to the table never changed. The potential people see in you never changed. Life is life and for whatever reason that potential was never reached… but you deserve to live by your own power.

That’s a power defined by the fact that you are the one who got away.

You are the one who is still moving forward. Your life doesn’t pause. Your worth doesn’t decrease. You are simply moving in a new direction with what you have to offer.

You are bringing that with you... and while you caught a glimpse of what MIGHT have been great now you are heading towards what WILL be great for YOU.