By Case Kenny

There are no coincidences in life

There are no coincidences.

That’s it. That’s the tea.

When you’re thrown a curveball in life, something completely out of left field happens or the opposite of what you expect happens… you can either chalk it up as a failure, a flop, a conclusion that you’re not ready and not worthy OR you can simply say… there are no coincidences in life.

You can say THIS has to mean something. THIS has to be the right way. THIS has to be a new path, a better path or a different path that leads to something better.

What a powerful way to look at life!

There are no coincidences in life so whatever new path you’re put on - even if it's a path you didn’t intend to go down - it’s leading you somewhere better.

Reacting to life with a “there are no coincidences” mentality offers you peace and calm.

And that’s what you deserve.

When things happen - good, bad or unexpected - they are leading you somewhere.

And if you believe that somewhere is good for you.... how can anything be a coincidence? Everything is connected.

- Is it a coincidence that your relationship with someone ended but then you ended up finding yourself and your standards in the process? Nope.

- Is it a coincidence that losing your job in a dramatic fashion led to a year off and you finding your passion? Nope.

- Is it a coincidence that embarrassing yourself in front of strangers led you to find your confidence? Nope.

A curveball in your past or present is inevitably going to lead to something redeeming in the future.

Nothing is a coincidence. Nothing is disconnected. Nothing is completely random.

The challenge with this mindset, of course, is that we rarely see the last part of those phrases until later - finding your standards, finding yourself, your confidence, your passion, etc. In the moment it’s just a relationship that ended, a job you lost, feeling anxious, feeling down, etc.

BUT can you push yourself to believe those types of experiences inevitably lead you to something better?

Can you push yourself to believe they inevitably lead you to another relationship, another job or another purpose? And those inevitably lead to bigger, better or more compassionate outcomes for YOU?

When that's the case... how can anything be a coincidence? How can anything be random? How can anything not come to serve you in some way?

There are no coincidences.

This thinking only works if you believe you deserve good things in life. It only works if you believe that life is happening for you, not to you.

So... what do you CHOOSE to believe?

Do you believe that everything is random, nothing is connected and you're just lost? OR do you believe that whatever happens happens but there are no coincidences so it’s 100% leading you somewhere redeeming?

It's not easy to always chose the latter... but let me ask you this:

Which feels better?

When you believe that life is random and it's just happening to you, not for you… how does that make you feel?

Anxious? Pessimistic? Frustrated?


When you believe that there are no coincidences because you're always being guided to something better... how does that make you feel?

Hopeful? Optimistic? At peace?

Choose what feels good! Choose peace and hope. I’m sure you want to feel at peace and hopeful.

Make this a mantra of yours.

There are no coincidences.

There are no coincidences.

The more you do, the more you'll start to look back to connect the dots and realize that nothing in life leads nowhere. There is alway a more redeeming path in the future.

- There isn't any breakup that doesn't lead you to something or someone better or at minimum there isn't any breakup that doesn't make your standards higher or your self love more intact.

- There isn't any turn of events with your friends, your job or your purpose that doesn't lead you down a new path or to a new opportunity or new understanding of what makes you happy.

I hope you choose to say there are no coincidences in your life.