By Case Kenny

This is the "year of despite"

It's normal to doubt yourself from time to time. It's normal to feel some kind of imposter syndrome. It's normal to think maybe I'm unqualified for that job, I'm an unlikely match for that person, etc.

Those are normal human thoughts.

But I don't know about you... I'm over doubting myself!

And so I'm calling this the year of "despite."

This is the year of feeling untalented, unexpected, unqualified, unusual or unlikely but DESPITE that... still going for it.

I've decided that we can do all of the things we want to do DESPITE what we think is the reason we can’t.

I like to think of it as a challenge.

Unqualified? Unexpected? Unlikely? Unusual?

Yet… here you are. DESPITE those feelings here you are doing your thing.

It's the year of "despite."

- You shoot your shot DESPITE how unlikely you think it is you’ll hear YES.

- You create that passion project DESPITE how unexpected it is coming from you.

- You ask for that promotion DESPITE how unqualified you think you are.

Those are self imposed "UNs" but you can choose to see them as a challenge.

Think of headlines you've seen in the past.

- Winning the world series DESPITE being 45 years old.

- Getting cast in that movie DESPITE never having landed a major role before.

- Creating a hit single DESPITE never having a hit before.

Those are the headlines you read and remember.

Why can’t that be you?

DESPITE your imposter syndrome you're doing your thing and you’re going for it.

Show yourself that those feelings are irrelevant.

This is the year where unlikely, unexpected, unqualified or untalented is irrelevant.

This is the year where you succeed, you overcome and you grow DESPITE the labels you put on yourself.

Embrace those feelings. Acknowledge those feelings.

Don't ignore them. Heck... they might even be a little bit true. You might be unexpected. You might be a tad unqualified.

But screw it! Embrace the power of DESPITE.

Look those feelings in the eye and decide it’s not in your way. You’re going through it DESPITE that feeling.