By Case Kenny

What's the BEST that could happen?

Can you relate to this?

You’re faced with something in life that’s not going great, that’s going slower than you’d like, or that’s going overtly wrong… and you come up with the most extreme negative conclusion you can.

A couple bad dates? Getting a bit older? You’ll die alone.

Haven’t been promoted in a while? Sluggish at work? You’re going to be fired.

Not feeling confident or living with low esteem and anxiety? You're forever a loser.

You go to the extreme.

It’s like we internalize Murphy’s Law.

We internalize that if something bad can happen, it will - to the most extreme.

Still single at 30? That means you’re unlovable. That means you’ll never find your person. If it can go wrong, it will.

Still not making that six or seven figure paycheck at 40? That means you’ll never be that Forbes 40 under 40, successful person you wanted to be. If it can go wrong, it will.

Have social anxiety? That means that everyone thinks you’re a weirdo and every interaction you have is going to be awkward because of YOU. If it can go wrong, it will.

We go straight to the Murphy's Law assumption - if the bad thing is possible it will happen to YOU.

Here's how I counter this...

All I do is that I recognize that since I tend to go the the far left of the assumption spectrum (negative)… I recognize that there has to exist a far right side - a wildly optimistic, positive assumption.

That’s how a spectrum works, right? If there’s a left there has to be a right. And I choose the right side.

It’s reminding myself of another option. It’s choosing the opposite end of the logic I've been choosing.

And I do this because our soul loves logic. Logic is what makes a mindset stick over a cliche. Logic is what allows us to live a truth in real life rather than just when we’re meditating, journaling or at therapy.

Can you train your logic to lean into the power of opposites?

​The opposite of 'if it can go wrong it will go wrong' is 'if it can go right it will go right.'

Look to the other end of the spectrum and at least recognize that the opposite is on the menu.

Still single at 30? That means you dodged divorce, it means you didn’t settle… it means you’re about to find your person - like tomorrow.

Still not making that six or seven figure paycheck at 40? That means you’re about to break through… you're about to have your moment - like tomorrow.

Have social anxiety? That means your next interaction is going to be one where YOU’RE the life of the party, where you're the star and you crush it - like tomorrow.

Choose the opposite. Choose the right end of the spectrum.

It’s logic. If there's a far left negative, there has to be a far right positive.

- Ugh, what if it rains tomorrow and my marathon is ruined… NO. What if it’s the best weather in months?

- Ugh what if I never get recognized for my music, my art, my writing… NO. What if tomorrow is my breakthrough day?

- Ugh I always suck on first dates… NO. What if that first date tomorrow is one where YOU crush it?

On the left is the Murphy’s Law… the negative assumption. The 0.

But that means on the right has to be 100.

What would a 100 assumption look like in your life?

What’s the opposite of having another bad first date?

What’s the opposite of the Sunday scares?

What’s the opposite of being a failure?

What’s the 100 equivalent to the 0 assumption you’ve been gravitating towards? Can you at least recognize that it exists?

Maybe this week will be the 100?

Maybe your next sales call will be the 100?

Maybe your next painting, your next song, or your next book will be the 100? If it’s on the menu that means it's possible right?

The universe rewards people who are on their 10th, 15th, or 20th try. So give yourself the fuel to try again.

Give yourself the perspective to at least see what’s on the menu. Don't go straight to the Murphy’s Law assumption. Create your own 100 assumption.

"Anything that can go right, will go right."

That's your new law.