By Case Kenny

You can start with nothing

Here’s what I know about life: you can start with nothing and end up with everything. 

I also know that you can have everything, lose it all… and rebuild from nothing.

If you think about it and look back… you’ve already proven that you have this ability.

  • You started with no job.
  • You started with never standing up for yourself.
  • You started with never putting yourself first.
  • You started with no vision for what you wanted in life.

Right now you might not have everything in the sense that you’ve crossed some finish line but you’ve proven that it is very possible to start from zero. 

But far too often we don’t realize this and so we talk ourselves out of doing big, bold things simply because we think we need a running start. But you don’t need to start with anything.

You can build from nothing.

  • You can go from being the most self conscious person in the world to someone who loves everything about him/herself.
  • You can go from the world’s biggest introvert to the loudest, joking extrovert.
  • You can go from working a job you hate to finding your dream job.
  • You can go from working paycheck to paycheck to being incredibly financially secure.
  • You can go from hating your body to loving it.
  • You can go from having no voice to having your voice heard.

Just like everyone who has come before you and built from nothing, you can too. 

You don’t need a trust fund. You don’t need to have an amazing body or an amazing sense of humor. You don’t need to have some incredible talent or athleticism you were born with. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work… but it is possible and it’s the mindset behind this that will keep you going.

You can start from zero. You can start from less than zero. And not only that, but you can also rebuild.  Life has a way of testing us and sometimes that comes in the form of massive failure, heartbreaking rejection, a whirlwind of confusion or feeling lost… all that ultimately resets you back to zero - zero relationship, zero drive, zero confidence, zero vision.

But you can start from where you are and build to where you want to be… again.

You always have the power of this mindset.

You can choose to believe that some folks just have it and you don’t OR you can stand up straight and get excited because you know that you’re not afraid to start from zero.

So ask yourself:

Do you see starting at zero as the end of line and that there’s no point in trying? OR do you get excited because you know it’s all growth from here?

You have a choice… so why not choose to believe that are capable and you have compassion, energy and hunger? Why not choose to believe that you can start from nothing and end with everything?