By Case Kenny

You have nothing to prove

You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

Sounds obvious, right?

Well, why then don’t we all live this truth?

Do you know how many silly things I’ve done to "prove" to people my worth, how interesting I am, how happy I am, etc? WAY TOO MANY times.

We've all have done this.

We've all done things to prove our worth, interest or happiness to others.

Maybe you've said or done things to prove you're happy? Maybe you've gotten in a relationship to prove you're lovable? Maybe you've even moved in with a partner to prove you’re capable of commitment?

Why do we do this? Why do we change ourselves to prove something about the way we want to be perceived?

If someone decided to like you BECAUSE of something you changed... is that really winning? Is that really what you want?

I certainly hope not.

You have nothing to prove to anyone other than yourself.

It’s not your job to convince other people that you’re interesting, worthy, fun, happy, etc.

I’m of course not talking about the instances where you need to do some convincing - tryouts, interviews, work, the entertainment business, on first date, etc. There are instances where it’s time to shine, baby (the real you)!

I'm not talking about those instances.

I’m talking about changing your behavior to prove something.

Your purpose is NOT to convince anyone other than yourself that you’re happy. Your purpose is to prove that to yourself!

Your purpose is to define how you feel for yourself!

Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Am I calm? Am I creative?

Where is the purpose in living a life where you’re trying to prove you're happy to others? You deserve to actually feel happy - not just convince someone you are.

The only way you’re going to feel that way is to define it for yourself... to prove it to yourself. Not to them. To yourself.

In my life...

- The moment I embraced what I do creatively is the moment other people started being like wow, Case this is actually really cool, where do I pay?

- The moment I embraced living and dating as I so chose was the moment I started to attract people who saw my value rather than what I projected.

- The moment I embraced making the jokes that I found funny, wearing what I want and carrying myself the way I want was the moment I felt at peace.

How many times have you done something specifically to prove something about yourself to someone else? Or to a stranger? Or to the internet?

- How many times have you gone on a date to prove you’re likable?

- How many times have you done things or said things to prove you’re fun and outgoing?

- How many times have you not done something to prove you’re cool, you’re chill, you’re not emotional?

How many times have you turned your back on what makes you happy to convince someone else you’re happy?

Probably quite a few times and that doesn’t make you a person person at all. You’re simply joining me in being that way.

Let’s live with this mantra in the back of our heads.

You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

Let them assume. Let them misunderstand.

Only you know what’s on the inside. Only you know the work you’ve put in to find what truly makes you happy, peaceful, interesting, engaged or fulfilled.

Only you know the magic that exists inside of you and there’s simply no need to prove it to anyone other than yourself and the people closest to you should you choose.

Let them assume. Let them misunderstand.

Meanwhile, you're free to ACTUALLY be the very thing you used to only want to prove you are.