By Case Kenny

Hopelessly single OR just "in between love?"

It’s easy to say "embrace your time being single"… BUT it’s not nearly that easy in real life. It’s not easy to ignore the pressure to feel you're falling behind.

So let's do a rebranding of the assumptions we make about being single.

What do you believe?

Do you believe your lack of a partner means you’re missing out?

Do you despise the word "single" and feel like you're judged for not having found your person?

OR… do you believe you're on track?

Do you believe in the power of simply being "in between love?"

You’re not just single… you’re just in between love.

Inherent in a phrase like that is hope and redemption because "in between" means there IS a person on the other side and you’re destined to find them.

And everyone else? All the "failed" loves? They're simply guiding you there.

When you’re in between something, it means there's a beginning, a middle and an end where you get what you want and deserve.

Right now? You're just in the middle.

There's peace in saying you're simply in between past love and future love.

There's peace in NOT allowing the pressure and assumptions you make get to you.

You’re not hopelessly single. You’re not falling behind. You’re not missing out. You’re just in between love.

This mindset is so powerful because we’ve been pressured to assume certain things about not having a partner.

We've grown to assume that because no one is currently loving you... you're unlovable.

BUT... if you’re simply in between love, that means you’re on your way to finding someone who loves you forever.

You’re not going to be single forever… you’re simply on your way to finding your person.

We've been conditioned to assume people in relationships are happier but there is no truth in assuming that people with partners are happier than people without partners.

Finding your person is great but it comes with its own challenges, so to make snap assumptions that partnered people are happier than you… well that’s just not true.

You should never assume that your current lack means their status of "having" makes you less.

If you’re just in between love... that means you’re on your way to having it, so you’re not really missing out in the long run, are you?

If you’re in between love - that is you’ve made the conscious decision to KNOW you’ll find what you deserve eventually - then where’s the pressure?

Is it your pressure or theirs? In your heart you KNOW you’re just in between… so it's gotta be someone else’s pressure.

It’s pressure you’ve borrowed from other people and placed it on your shoulders.

Challenge that.

You’re just in between love. You’re on your way to something you've affirmed WILL be yours.

There’s no perfect timing. There’s no expectation or pressure. There’s just you and you - you and your expectations, you and the guarantee you’ve given yourself that you’re on your way.

How peaceful is affirming that?

Being in between love means you’ve chosen to believe that any romantic experience you've had in your life is guiding you to what's on the other side of being "in between."

When that's your affirmation, you're anything but "hopelessly single."

Because you're simply passing through.. on your way to what you deserve.