By Case Kenny

Eat, sleep, MANIFEST, repeat

I used to think "manifesting" was an absurd concept. I'd see every IG influencer and how their morning routine involved "manifesting" and I couldn't help but laugh. It seemed so hokey and cliche.

But I completely missed the point of what manifesting actually is. Obviously it’s not just picturing what you want and calling it a day.

I've learned that attracting tangible things into your life through attraction and belief is VERY real.

But it's not what I thought... Manifesting is all about the stories you tell yourself. Manifesting is not just listing out what you want and visualizing it.

The stories you tell yourself...

- Are you lost OR are you just exploring?

- Is everyone a f***boy/crazy OR have you just had a bad luck streak?

- Are you lazy and talentless OR have you just distracted lately?

- Are you unlovable/a failure OR have you just had relationships with people who didn’t recognize what you bring to the table?

What is the story you’ve been telling yourself?

Have you been telling yourself that everyone is dishonest and no one is serious about relationships?

If so, how do you expect to then go out and find the exact opposite of what you’ve been reinforcing everyday in your head?

How do you expect to tell yourself one thing but then go out and live a standard that's the complete opposite?

How do you expect to affirm one truth about reality and then go out and expect to live a different one?

When those two things are disconnected - what you want and what you’re telling yourself - you're not manifesting.

But you can...

Manifesting is simply bringing the two closer together.

Manifesting is not just picturing what you want. It's affirming WHY those things are possible for you.

THAT is manifesting.

John Lennon has a quote I absolutely love.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.”

Fear and love.

When it comes to the stories you tell yourself… are they derived from fear or love?

A story told from fear is "everyone sucks and no one is honest or seriously looking. Everyone disappoints or hurts me and everyone on dating apps sucks."

That story functions to pull you back from life.

Contrast that with a story told from love.

A story told from love is "there are plenty of amazing, compassionate, honest and kind people out there and they can’t wait to meet me."

That story opens you up.

And most importantly... it describes the reality you WANT to live.

THAT is manifesting.

Think about it… if you're constantly describing your reality as what you DON’T want it to be... how can you possibly expect it to become what you want?

To get what you want in life… you have to lay the foundation for it.

You can’t spend your life describing a reality that can’t offer you what you want. If you want something but you’ve trained your heart to literally expect a world where that’s not possible… how can you expect to then go out and find a world filled with possibilities?

The stories we tell ourselves absolutely matter! We play a huge large role in determining what's possible in our lives.

Let’s create more stories from love - more stories that open ourselves up to the reality we WANT to live.

- That’s a reality where there ARE good and honest people waiting for us.

- That’s a reality where our hard work and talent WILL BE rewarded.

- That’s a reality where our financial dreams ARE obtainable.

- That's a reality where we TRUST in the power of belief.

THAT is manifesting.