By Case Kenny

Are you an old soul?

Do you ever feel like an "old soul?"

- You sometimes feel like an outsider.

- You crave meaningful connections and experiences and when you don't get them... you feel frustrated.

- You’re not afraid to think, act, dress or be different. You sometimes laugh at the ridiculousness of trends and what's "popular."

- You prioritize your spiritual health, your inner world and your sense of centeredness.

- You enjoy reflection, meditating, journaling, etc. You spend a lot of time just thinking and contemplating the "big picture" parts of your life.

- You have emotional inclinations you can’t really explain. You sense peoples' energies, you are intuitive, you know yourself well and you can sense when something is off.

- One of your favorite words is "why?"

That is being is an old soul. It’s someone who has the gift of intuition and things big picture.

I really believe we’re all born with these kinds of old soul inclinations. We’re all born and live with those intuitive features until we learn it’s easier to not act on them.

We learn it’s easier to fit in and find "easy" compatibility if we ignore some of our more "vulnerable" inclinations.

That's why I say that honoring your old soul is a bit of a rebellious act! You’re literally rebelling against what is easier, what is popular and what is diluted down.

When you honor your old soul, your intuition, your appreciation of thought, feeling, peace, calm and stillness… you’re rebelling against the easier path.

So why do this? It can lead to frustration in your dating life, your career, with your friends, etc. It can make you question your timeline vs. others. It can make you doubt that you're lovable. It can make you think you're weird.

Two HUGE reasons...

FIRST... as an old soul you’re so much less inclined to settle.

You think BIG picture. You understand that if you settle today in any sense - life, partner, job, friends, etc. - you’re setting yourself up to settle for life.

You tend to take a zoomed out view of life. You think things like what actually matters? What is the purpose of my life? Where am I heading? Does this serve my larger purpose? Does this person GET IT?

When you think like that… yes, you’ll still going to make mistakes... BUT you tend to spot them and move on quickly.

You don’t waste time with people who don't understand you or who don't see the world in a similar way. You don’t waste time forcing compatibility or forcing energy where it doesn't belong.

Being an old soul means you have a built in defense against settling.

Honoring this means that your timeline might be a bit different from other people because you don’t put up with surface level, sloppy or forced love, jobs, etc.

BUT it's worth it. I think all those folks who turned against their old souls really wish they had that back, don’t you think?

SECOND... as an old soul, you live a life of purpose.

An old soul thinks big. They think WHY a lot. Why am I doing this? Why am I alive? I used to think that was an annoying trait because it meant you couldn't be fun or carefree. Boy was I wrong.

You can be both! You can be more than one thing.

You can be happy, fun, carefree, meet all kinds of people, date around, job hop, etc… AND you can still honor your old soul by asking WHY.

A life of purpose is a life where you can answer that question of why.

It's where you can say:

I know WHY I’m dating this person.

I know WHY I’m working this job.

I know WHY I feel this way.

I know WHY I have this habit.

I know WHY I think this way.

I know why WHY this person is my friend.

That is purpose. That is honoring your old soul.

Most people can’t say that. They're not bad people at all. They’ve just adapted to easier and quicker.

But I’m team old soul. I’m team WHY. And I hope you are too :)