By Case Kenny

Being stubborn is the key to being hopeful

One of the most powerful mindsets I've adopted in life is one where I simply expect great things to happen to me in life.

Am I full of myself? Am I arrogant to think this? I don't think so. I don't assume I deserve great things because I'm an amazing person or simply because I wake up in the morning.

No. I expect great things in my life because I’m willing to suffer for those things!

What about you?

What are you willing to suffer for in life? Who are you willing to suffer for?

This is a HUGE question and answering it is a one way ticket to becoming more hopeful.

Seriously. It's life changing.

If you stand for something, if you want it so badly, if it guides you completely… you’re become willing to suffer for it and that means something!

It means something to say… I want this, I deserve this, I must have it… AND I’m willing to suffer for it! Because that gives you a "WHY" in life that you can turn to when things are tough.

A WHY can help you deal with anything thrown your way.

- Why do you go on bad date after bad date? Why do you get rejected? Why do you get ghosted? Why are you frustrated with your dating life? It's not because you deserve it… it’s because you’re willing to suffer through those experiences to find the right person. You’re willing to suffer to find that person.

- Why do you feel bogged down at work? Why do you feel unappreciated at your job? Uninspired? Plateaued? It’s not because you deserve to feel that way... it’s because you stand for what’s on the other side of that BS - a job, a career, a creative outlet that truly fulfills you. You're willing to suffer to get there.

- Why do you feel insecure? Why do you feel a lack of confidence, direction, passion, etc? Why do you feel forgotten and left behind? It's not because you deserve it... it's because it’s part of the process of becoming secure, confident, etc. You're willing to suffer to become the best person you can be.

When you know WHAT and WHO you're willing to suffer for, you say: I’m willing to be frustrated, rejected, have a bad day, a bad week or a bad month. I’m willing to feel that weight on my shoulders, the pressure and the temptation to feel lost.

When you can say that, suffering through those inevitable ups and downs makes you more hopeful.

We both know that good things come to those who are willing to suffer.

Great art comes from suffering.

Dating the wrong person leads to the right person.

Getting fired from your job frees you up to find and evolve to the right one.

Practicing and putting in ours and hours and hours of work makes you a great athlete.

Putting in the hours at your corporate job gets you promoted.

We know there is a reward at the end of hard work and ups and downs. We don’t always know when or how, but that is why we choose to do the things we do.

Within the context of choosing one or two or three BIG things in life that you’re willing to suffer for them… you can choose to have this same belief. That's an expectation that great things are coming your way.

WHAT is worth suffering for? WHO is worth suffering for?

That belief and willingness to suffer means something! It's hope that reminds you that you are a worthy person... and worthy people are willing to suffer because they believe in that worth.

That is the power of stubbornness, but moreso it's a belief in and expectation of positive outcomes in life. That is such a hopeful way to live… not just because it sounds good in theory… but because it truly does work.

You can call it the law of attraction, manifestation, etc.

I simply call it hopeful stubbornness and it’s a powerful practice to choose a something that you're willing to suffer for. WHAT and WHO.

Stand for them no matter what... because they’re that important to you, because you’re willing to put in the work to get there and because you’re willing to suffer in the process.

That is hopeful stubbornness and I think it’s one of the most powerful attributes you can have. .