By Case Kenny

Your "good crazy" is powerful

"I don’t want to seem crazy."

Have you ever said that to yourself?

Or maybe you've even been called crazy by someone? Crazy for caring, crazy for having high expectations, crazy for dreaming big, crazy for caring too much, crazy for being too extra?

That's your "good crazy"... and it's nothing to be ashamed of about.

It's your good crazy that shows you’re human.

- It’s good crazy to care.

- It’s good crazy to overshare.

- It’s good crazy to expect a respect, communication and honesty from someone… and if it’s not given to you, it’s a good crazy to get upset.

- It’s good crazy to cut ties with someone who plays games with you who, gaslights you, etc.

Respect your good crazy instead of doubting it.

Far too often we’re pressured to not care. We're guilted into thinking that any emotion that isn’t cool or casual makes us "crazy."

You're led to believe that...

- You’re crazy if you develop a connection faster than the other person.

- You're crazy if you care more than the other person.

- You’re crazy if you read into what someone says or does and you overthink it.

- You’re crazy for getting attached too easily.

- You’re crazy for wanting clear communication and intention.

Thats your "good crazy!"

Your good crazy shows you’re alive, that you care and that you’re willing to be hurt.

I’ll take that any day of the week over someone who is numb to how they feel.

I don’t think it makes you crazy to get your hopes up, to feel more than the average person or to be overly excited.

It doesn't make you crazy to communicate it, to voice it or to expect it in return… and if it’s not returned... it doesn't make you crazy to be disappointed.

Isn’t life about going after what you want and deserve?

You go after the job you want, the house you want, the clothes you want, the body you want, right?

And that’s admired, right? So, why when it comes to matters of the heart is it suddenly NOT cool to go after what you want?

Going after what you want when it comes to a relationship doesn't make you thirsty or desperate… and voicing it certainly doesn't make you crazy.

You’re not crazy for saying how you feel or what you want. You’re not crazy for feeling a sense of attachment or excitement.

Respect your good crazy. Don’t look down on it.

You’re human and you refuse to turn off your intuition… and that’s a great thing.

- I would rather be crazy than numb.

- I would rather blurt out something embarrassing than never speaking how I feel.

- I would rather triple text than never text at all.

- I would rather feel insecure, attached, jealous than cold and closed off.

The next time you feel “crazy”… ask yourself where is it coming from?

Is it coming from an unhealthy place of insecurity?

Or is it coming from a place of honesty and intuition? I think you’ll find the majority of the time... it’s the latter.

Your crazy is simply honesty in emotional form.

Give it some air to breath.

It’s not craziness. It’s honesty.

And being honest with yourself and others is something you’ll never regret no matter the outcome.