By Case Kenny

You can be alone but not lonely

You’re human... and you’re going to feel lonely at some point in your life.

But there is HUGE difference between being lonely and being alone and I hope you choose to celebrate being alone… because it really is powerful.

The best analogy I can think of is... being alone is like the long, empty stretches between exits on a highway.

A highway consists of long stretches of open road with exits in between.

You feel lonely when you’re on those empty stretches of highway.

Those are the times in your life that exist between exits. The exits are when things happen, when things change, when you get a break, when you find new drive, when you meet someone new, etc.

The long stretches are the transitional periods between exits.

​​ - The times in between relationships, in your dating phase, when you’re feeling strike out after strike out.

- The times in your career before you find that exit that is perfect for you... the perfect job or the perfect role.

- The times you feel a bit lost or insecure in life… empty stretch of highway before you find that exit that is a place of confidence and centeredness.

Life is that highway and sometimes you get off, you find your exit only to realize it’s the wrong exit and you need to hop back on.

But you know there’s more exits coming up (that's how highways work LOL), so there's power in hopping back on, hitting cruise control, turning on some music and vibing out.

Life is that highway and feeling lonely isn't forever.

It isn’t forever because on the other side of feeling lonely are exits… and exits are opportunities. It’s up to you to trust that your exit is coming up.

When you do… you’re cool to just keep cruising a bit longer.

And that's so calming!

- That's calm that comes from focusing on you and what you want.

- That's calm that comes from what you're building, the ability you have to do what you want, when you want with whom you want.

- That's calm that comes from being patient with yourself.

- That's calm that comes from listening to your own thoughts and affirming what is important to you. That is being alone and there's nothing lonely about it.

It's OK to feel lonely, but it does't mean you're a lonely person. You're just in between exits. And that's OK!


The coolest cats in the world feel lonely. The most popular people feel lonely. Successful, influential, 10/10 people. Lonely. Lonely. Lonely.

Feeling lonely doesn't make you less. Being single doesn't make you less. Feeling new, lost, overlooked... doesn't make you less. It’s a feeling... NOT a description of who you are.

Alone. Not Lonely.

You’re on a highway just cruising until you hit your exit.

It’s coming and in the meantime it’s OK to find peace in what you're doing.

... no judgement necessary and no assumptions made.

You don’t know what your future holds and your past is no indication of what’s next for you.

You get to choose what your assumption of the future is.

So just for a moment... choose to expect that an exit on the highway is coming up.

And because you know it’s coming… you get to simply enjoy the rest of the highway.

Enjoy the ride. The calm. The sights, the sounds, the view. You get to choose the music, put your window down... just you and your own vibes.

That is a choice you can make. And I hope you do :)

You are a beautiful worthy person and while you might be alone... you're not lonely.