By Case Kenny

Does "time heal all wounds?"

Have you ever heard the saying "time heals all wounds?"

Practically I guess that's true but I don't like the wording of that phrase :)

That's not giving YOU the credit you deserve.

Time isn't healing wounds, life isn't getting easier... YOU are leveling up.

​​Life doesn’t get easier, YOU simply become more.

It's time to give yourself the credit you deserve.

It’s empowering to look at yourself and realize the things you've leveled up past.

- You're no longer afraid to lose a friend or a partner who can’t reciprocate what you need because you know you can find someone who does.

- You're no longer afraid to ask for what you want because if you don’t find it in one place… you’ll look somewhere else.

- You're no longer afraid to look like a beginner because you know there’s magic in new chapters.

What is one thing YOU have grown to embrace?

- Maybe you now find it easier to ask for what you want...

- Maybe you now aren’t nearly as critical of yourself as you used to be...

- Maybe you now truly see rejection as redirection... YOU have grown.

YOU have gotten smarter. YOU have gotten hotter. YOU have gotten more mature. YOU have grown with your standards and boundaries and confidence.

Give yourself credit.

Don’t give it to time LOL. Time didn’t go through that rejection. Time didn't grow through that experience. Time didn’t go through that breakup, that career failure or that period of feeling insecure.

Heck no! You did.

Give yourself the credit you deserve.

YOU went through those experiences. YOU opened your eyes. YOU grew up. YOU turned those scars into unbreakable new standards. YOU turned those experiences into lessons that empower you.

YOU did that.

That’s why I’ve never been a fan of "time heals all wounds." YOU heal your own wounds over time.

Time doesn't do that for you. Simply growing older doesn’t give you confidence or inner peace.

YOU give yourself those things. Getting older is a gift. But don’t be like "nahhh I’m just older now... that's why things have changed."

That’s not why. That new sense of direction and drive and intention… that’s because of YOU. You’ve gotten to this point for a reason. You’ve overcome a lot for a reason.

It’s not an accident. It’s not just because of time.

It’s because of YOU.