By Case Kenny

Feeling lonely? Realize this

It's easy to feel lonely in life.

And it’s even easier to feel sad, pathetic, less or that you aren’t good enough as a result.

BUT here's what I know: feeling lonely - while in the moment might not exactly feel great - means something powerful about who you are.

Feeling lonely simply means you’re growing.

It doesn’t make you less. It doesn’t make you any less capable. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It doesn't mean you aren’t lovable and most importantly it doesn’t mean this feeling is forever.

Fundamentally you’re feeling lonely because you're growing. That becomes obvious when you learn to reframe the things that are making you feel lonely - you haven’t found your person yet, you haven’t found a core friend group yet, you feel lost in your career, your city, etc.

Feeling lonely simply means you are growing or outgrowing. It means you are listening to yourself. You are listening to what your heart is telling you and you're acting on it.

And that means resisting what would be easy.

- It’d be easy to settle for someone who isn't right for you.

- It’d be easy to pretend you like the same things that everyone else does.

- It’d be easy to convince yourself that you’re OK with hating your job.

- It’d be easy to convince yourself that your current life is as good as it gets.

You feel alone right now because you refuse to do that! ... and you should be proud of yourself because you know that settling is not good enough for you. You know you're capable of discovering more, doing more and being happier.

And because you know and act on that... you’re feeling lonely.

Feeling lonely is actually a powerful sign. It means you’re recognizing a truth about yourself and your potential.

That’s a big deal because you refuse to ignore it.... while a lot of other people don’t. They throw their hands up and they accept life. They settle. They accept less than what is true to them - all to avoid being lonely. But you don’t do that and so you might feel lonely right now. 

That's ok! So many people refuse to listen to what their heart says and so they settle in relationships, jobs, routines or they assume that life is life and it’s just the way it is.

A lot of people have jobs, friends and are in a relationships but they’re truly lonely because they know it’s not right for them. They know they’re capable of more but they don’t want to start over.

And so, my friend... you feel lonely right now?

That’s ok! I’m proud of you for recognizing your truth and acting on it. I’m proud of you because you refuse to run from yourself and what you’re feeling. You refuse to give up and that's a powerful truth about who you are!

So please don’t assume your loneliness means that you're falling behind. It’s literally the opposite. It means you're hanging onto hope, you're listening to your truth and you’re eager to discover new ones.

Your loneliness simply means you've holding onto hope in your life.

So be proud of yourself for that. You have created opportunity in your life and that will be rewarded so much more abundantly than settling. You will meet new people and you'll discover more about yourself and what makes you feel alive.

So be proud of yourself for listening to yourself and for not settling.