By Case Kenny

This is what positive karma really is

Do you believe in positive karma?

I’m sure you believe in bad karma, right? You believe that when someone is an objective a**hole to you, that it will come back around to them. I’m sure you believe that. What goes around comes around, right?

But what about your life’s good karma? Do you believe in that? It's something we tend to forget about but I think it should be your north star in life.

Here's how I ground myself in a belief in good karma.

Know that it’s crucial in life to believe in yourself in life - that’s not particularly earth shattering :) You’ve gotta believe that you’re capable, that you’re worthy, that you’ve got what it takes, that you’ll put in the work and that you’ll always respect yourself.

BUT I don’t think it’s enough to just believe in yourself. You have to believe that other people - the world, the universe - will recognize that and will reward it. You have to believe that what goes around comes around.

You have to believe that...

- Even if your kind acts are ignored today, they will be noticed eventually.

- Even if your words of encouragement aren’t appreciated today, they will be eventually.

- Even if you're misunderstood or overlooked, that your commitment to be comfortable in who you are won’t always be misunderstood.

- Every time you take time or energy to appreciate someone else… that will come back to you in your life.

- Even if someone forgets you but you remember them, that will be returned to you.

Can you push yourself to believe in your commitment to yourself and your ability... and even if it’s not returned to you immediately, have faith that the universe will eventually recognize it and reward it?

THAT is karma.

I think it’s so important to have a belief like this - a dual belief in yourself and that the universe also believes in it.

I think this is so important because in life you find yourself faced with "behind the scenes" decisions all the time.

- Should I be honest with this person I’m dating or just f*** around until it falls apart?

- Should I help this person even though they’d never help me?

- Should I apologize or forgive even though I really don’t need to?

- Should I close off because I’m constantly misunderstood and overlooked?

You know what I’m talking about!

You have choices all the time - behind the scenes choices that people rarely see. In those moments you can choose to believe that life is random, that no one has your back and it is what it is... OR you can choose to believe in positive karma.

You can choose to believe that a belief in yourself will come back around to you.

So I ask you… what do you want in life? How do you want to be treated? If you want to be loved, seen, recognized, supported and communicated with… believe in yourself and your ability to do those things yourself.

Believe in your ability to love others when you don’t have to, to see and recognize someone else who doesn’t deserve it, to support someone who has never supported you and to communicate with someone even though it’s easier not to. Do that because karma is real and your actions will be returned to you.

When you do that, you’re going to find yourself really loving who you are.

I’m confident in that. You'll do that because you’re proud of yourself and the decisions you make behind the scenes... when no one's watching.

You'll feel at peace.

- Knowing that all those times you kept your hopes up, all those times you stayed up waiting for a call, waiting for a text but never got it… that it will eventually come to you and it will be with someone who would never leave you hanging like that.

- Knowing that all the times you've felt overlooked, misunderstood, unworthy… that you will eventually be recognized in huge, fulfilling ways that will make you feel at peace and proud of who you are.

- Knowing that all the times you felt tempted to change who you are to fit in… that eventually you’ll be so glad you didn’t, that you found someone, people, circumstances that reward you for being exactly who you are.

So join me! Say:

I will continue to believe that the love I give will be shared with me.

I will continue to believe that my kindness will be returned to me.

I believe that my talent, my passion will be recognized.

I believe that nothing I do that is well intentioned and kind is ever wasted… that every time I give when I don’t have to, that every selfless act I do, that every decision I make that I’m proud of... it solidifies my belief in myself and the world around me.

THAT is karma.

Believe in yourself, believe that your belief in yourself will be returned to you and I’m confident you’ll find yourself navigating the ups and downs and life with much more peace and confidence.