By Case Kenny

You are greater than your past

You are greater than your past and you are greater than the uncertainty it’s given you.

You have a choice: Do you let that pain become suffering in your life?… or do you see it for what it is? A catalyst for change.

Change was always going to happen.

While it might not have happened on your timeline, it did happen and the greatest peace you can give yourself is knowing that you were always meant to change. You were always meant to evolve.

You were never meant to stay the same. You were never meant to have the same goals, mindset or vision for yourself that you had 1 year ago or even 6 months ago.

That is the gift of being human - the ability to change.. ... and because you’re human, those changes are sometimes given to you rather than you deciding them on your own timeline… but that’s life for ya.

You can move on with confidence knowing that it was the catalyst you needed and you can be grateful for that. Or you can hold on.

You can remain hung up on what happened or you can turn around and embrace the amazing things that can happen in the future as a result of this change. The choice is yours.

I know that's not easy because your past can introduce a lot of uncertainty in your life.

- A rejection can make you rethink your goals.

- A rough breakup can make you question your worth.

- A failure can make you doubt your ability.

- A disappointment can make you lose sight of your confidence.

And so you might be sitting in limbo filled with uncertainty.

But it's OK to feel uncertain! Your life’s biggest, most powerful, most positive and compassionate changes come from moments of uncertainty.

You are supposed to feel uncertain in life. You are supposed to feel unsure. You are supposed to feel lost. And THAT feeling comes from your past leading you to an unfamiliar present.

That’s OK. It’s a great thing because if you never feel this way... you would never change. You would never grow.

So embrace the uncertainty your past has given you.

It doesn't mean anything other than you are ready to change.

- You are ready to stop playing small.

- You are ready to kick fear to the side.

- You are ready to embrace the "what if’s" you thought you’d get to on your schedule.

You are here. Right now. Life led you here. Maybe you're beat up, bruised and confused.

But here you are nonetheless.

And you are here now for one reason and one reason only: to change.

It’s up to you to believe with complete certainty that it’s a change for the better.

Say: I embrace this uncertainty. Because the uncertainty I’m feeling is an amazing sign that I now have an opportunity to change.

Right now you have the opportunity to move forward and the very fact that you are uncertain or unsure means you’re right where you’re meant to be.

If you were completely confident in who you are and what you’re doing… that's a sign that you’re not growing. So what happened happened.

You’re here. Become who you are intended to be. You might not know who that is… but now you know it’s not who you were.

Trust that. Believe in that. Own that.