By Case Kenny

From zero to "baddie": how to remember who you are

This is for when you're tempted to lower your standard because you’re feeling lonely, when you’re tempted to do something beneath you or when you’re tempted to think you’re worthless or falling behind.

Not so un fact about life: you're always going to face negative emotions, insecurity and temptation.

BUT the great news is we all have the ability to cancel out those emotions.

A happy and fulfilled life comes from overwhelming those emotions with an even more powerful one.

That emotion is pride.

It's a powerful thing to be proud of yourself.

That's proud of yourself in a compassionate and healthy way.

That's pride that says: look how far I've come!

Pride kicks the a** of insecurity, the temptation to settle, loneliness, acting out of fear, etc.

It's your healthy and compassionate pride that leads your internal dialogue to look like this: "I've come all this way. I've done so much. I've grown so much and this is what I'm gonna do?! Oh heck no!"

You have big things to be proud of in your life.

Your standards - you created them in response to something. You created them in response to going through something that made you realize you needed them. You weathered a storm and came out with higher standards.

How is that not something you’re proud of?

Your sense of worth - You went through a circumstance where you didn’t stand up for yourself, you lowered your energy or let someone walk over you but you woke up the next day and "said never again."

How is that not something you’re proud of?

What have you overcome in your life? What higher standard did it give you? What boundary did it give you? What self respect did it give you?

Use those reminders to fire yourself up!

These are things you can turn to and say: "look how much I've leveled up. I'm not going back!"

That's a powerful way to live your life. That’s a way to live life with leverage.

Remind yourself who the heck you are! And turn to that reminder whenever you need it.

Turn to it when you feel yourself doubting your worthiness. Turn to it when you’re getting mixed signals from someone. Turn to it in your career.

Turn to it in any instance when you’re doubting what you stand for or you’re tempted to let someone pull you down, steal your energy or walk over you.

Remember who the heck you are and what you’ve created for yourself.

Get compassionately protective of it! "Oh heck no. I’m not going back. I’ve already grown past that. I’ve alway leveled up. There’s no going back."

You have reasons to be proud of yourself and I hope you find a way to say "I’m proud of myself and there’s no going back."