By Case Kenny

Give yourself a second chance

If you’re like me, you give other people a lot of second chances in life.

But what about yourself?

When was the last time you gave yourself a second chance?

A second chance at loving yourself? At overcoming your insecurities? At finding love? At finding purpose?

It’s definitely cliche to say that we are our own worst enemies in life.

So, I won’t say that :) ... but the evidence speaks for itself.

If you're constantly giving everyone around you second chances but you rarely do the same for yourself… what are you to yourself? Your best friend? Your biggest fan?

Doesn’t really seem like it.

You give others a second chance. You give others a second chance even if they disappointed you before. You give others a second chance to love you, to connect with you, to apologize to you. You give that job you hate a second chance every time you tolerate the way it treats you.

I think that's great (sometimes). You SHOULD practice empathy and forgiveness in life. Sometimes other people really do deserve a second chance.

BUT what about you?!

You’re probably proud of yourself for the FIRST chances you take in life, right?

You’re proud of yourself for your first steps - the times you try something for the first time, the times you do something that makes you uncomfortable, the times you do something that scares you, etc.

You’ve probably been living by a standard that says: I'm proud of myself for trying for the first time.

BUT I think your biggest flex is the grace you carry with you AFTER that first try.

It’s a willingness to give yourself a second chance.

That's a second chance at love, at forgiveness, at overcoming your insecurities, at trying again, at going after what you want and deserve, etc.

Frankly, a second chance is simply another shot at forgiving yourself for any and all mistakes you’ve made. It's forgiving yourself for settling when you shouldn't have, forgiving yourself for letting your ego lead you and forgiving yourself for not forgiving yourself.

Giving yourself a second chance in life is the clearest commitment you can make that you’re willing to believe in yourself again.

A second chance means you believe in your worth.

It means there's nothing you can't try and that there are people who ARE good for you and people who DO support you.

There is no you vs. them anymore.

It’s just you. Just you... with a renewed sense of purpose and hope that no matter what happened the first time... you are worthy of a second chance.

So, think about the second chances you owe yourself.

These are second chances that reflect your commitment to yourself and your worth.

- A second chance at protecting your energy.

- A second chance at being yourself and letting that attract what you deserve.

- A second chance at putting an end to "chasing" in life - chasing people and circumstances that don't deserve you

- A second chance at being honest with others and if that’s too much, that’s too much for THEM... not you.

You owe it to YOU to give yourself second chances in the same way you give them to the world and people around you.

Second chances are a testament to your worth - that no matter what happened or didn’t happen - you’re still worthy of another try.