By Case Kenny

How to heal

When something happens in life that drains you… what do you do?

Do you power through and hope it'll all make sense one day... or do you take time to heal?

Breakups. Personal loss. Rejection. Betrayal. Failure. Embarrassment.

What do you do following those experiences?

You need to heal.

Needing to heal doesn't mean you're soft, overly sensitive or too emotional...

Experiences don’t just appear and disappear in life. They extend into our essence, values and way of seeing life unless we address them.

- Rejection doesn’t just start as rejection and then disappear. Unless you focus on healing from it... it turns into self doubt and insecurity.

- A tough breakup doesn't just start as a tough breakup and then disappear.

Unless you focus on healing from it... it turns into lower self worth.

Healing is transformation.

Healing is the process of transforming one thing to another.

Healing is the process of transforming one not so ideal thing into something that is much more redeeming.

Ask yourself... What do I need to heal from?

Then transform that experience.

Ask yourself: what can I create from this?

Healing isn't fixing something completely. Healing isn't closure. That will come.

Healing is transformation.

It’s saying I’m struggling in my life because I’m still holding onto something that is clouding my vision... and I need to change that.

Healing is turning negative energy into a more positive perspective.

It doesn't fix it completely and it doesn't create closure but it is one step forward.

- Can you transform the heartbreak of a breakup into a higher standard?

- Can you transform the insecurity that comes from failure into resolve?

- Can you transform the lack of confidence that comes from rejection into simply being proud of trying?

You need to heal and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s nothing to overthink.

Look back… is there something that drained you?

Is there something that massively disappointed you? Is there something that caused you to doubt yourself?

Circle that (even if you think you’ve moved on)

Ask yourself… what can I transform it into?

Rejection can become pride.

Heartbreak can become a higher standard.

Disappointment can become resolve.

Take time to heal... otherwise nothing changes and rejection remains rejection, heartbreak remains heartbreak and disappointment remains disappointment.

Take a minute and ask yourself that question… what do I need to heal from?

And then transform it.

A becomes B.

Negative energy becomes positive energy.

That is healing.

One day you’ll look back and realize how that new transformative energy serves you and you'll be amazed by the closure you created for yourself.