By Case Kenny

How to move past your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs...

- I’m not smart enough to work at that investment firm

- I’m not attractive enough to talk to that 10/10

- I’m not funny enough to have a podcast

- I’m incapable of settling down

- I am unlovable - I’ll never not overthink things

- No one understands me, etc.

They hold us back from trying - from applying to that job, talking to that person, from starting that passion project, from getting off the couch and dating, etc.

It’d be really easy for me to say… you just need to believe in yourself! Problem solved! But that’s literally not helpful.

So, what I've found is actually helpful is to realize that when we start making excuses by saying things like I don’t have time to do this, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have enough money, I’m not good looking enough... what we're really doing is refusing to question the assumption.

Instead of an excuse... ask yourself: what if I’m wrong?

What if I’m wrong? What if you’ve backed yourself into a corner for no reason?

Do you have any proof in your life that your assumption is true?

Do you have proof that you're indeed not smart enough, not talented enough, not worthy enough, etc?

Probably not. Ask yourself: What if I’m wrong?

What if my assumption is wrong?

Just ask yourself this for a moment.

If you are wrong... wouldn’t it change things?

It would mean you don’t have any excuses to fall back on anymore, right?

Furthermore, it would lead you to ask yourself another powerful question. If I'm wrong, then why not me?

Why not you?

In a world where someone is going to WIN - someone is going to be happy and incredibly fulfilled in their career, someone is going to travel the world and experience everything they dream of, someone is going to find their person and they’re going to live an incredible life together, someone is going to ask for what they want and they’re going to get it - why can’t that person be you?

Why? Not? You?

Someone has. Someone is. Someone will.

Why can’t that person be you?

When you combine THAT question with asking yourself what if I'm wrong... things change!

It's a great thing to be wrong! And my friend... you probably are wrong :)

Frankly… I think the only reason I’ve become I’m such an optimistic and happy person is because I’ve proven myself to be wrong so many times. I've proven soooo many of my own limiting beliefs to be WRONG.

- I’m not outgoing enough to build a following on the internet… WRONG

- I’m not extroverted enough to have a career in sales. WRONG

- My opinions don’t matter… why would anyone want to listen me? WRONG

- I’m not charismatic enough, good looking enough, funny enough to date anyone I want. WRONG

- I don’t know enough about business to start my own. WRONG

- People judge me and think it's weird to be a dude sharing his feelings online. WRONG

All it took was asking myself that question… and then acting on it. It's a powerful question (because you're probably wrong).

Create a window of opportunity for yourself to prove your limiting believes WRONG.

Ask yourself that question, realize you likely don't have proof.. .and then act. Do something. Anything. Try. Go. Then ride that first step to a second step, and a third, and a fourth...

What if you're wrong? Why not you?