By Case Kenny

How to never forget what you deserve in life

You deserve to feel the same love you give, the same respect you give, the same attention you give and the same support you give.

If you’re willing to give it… then without a doubt, no overthinking, no imposter syndrome… you deserve to feel the same.

We’re very quick to talk ourselves out of what we deserve in life. We’re very quick to throw our standards out the window, lower the bar and settle.

Sometimes that's referred to as imposter syndrome.

That's the idea that we don’t belong, that we’re faking it and that we don’t deserve success, good things or happiness.

You can put any label on it but it’s this sinking, ever present feeling of self doubt. You say you deserve good things in life - success, happiness, connection with someone else, fulfillment, to be respected and loved, etc.

But then you have this lingering doubt that says… but do I really?

Pretty common, right?

- when someone praises you or says you're great or amazing, you think they're just patronizing you. In your head… you’re like pshhhh if only they knew. They don’t know. They’re just saying that.

- when you have a a moment of success, you assume it's just luck or a fluke. It was just a momentary lapse and you’ll be reverted to what you actually deserve soon.

- you struggle with saying no because if you say no then they’ll finally figure out that you’re boring or lame.

You always find a way to reframe your worth in life.

You find a way to justify thinking you don’t actually deserve the things you deserve.

And so you start to accept the bare minimum from others. Your standards take a nosedive. Your boundaries are thrown out the window.

All because for some reason you've convinced yourself that you don’t actually deserve the things you once thought you deserve.

But here's a quick reminder you can practice that will reset you and your worth. It’s a simple acknowledgement.

- If you're willing to love someone, you deserve to be loved.

- If you're willing to support someone, you deserve to be supported.

- If you're willing to respect someone, you deserve to be respected.

- If you're willing to be honest with someone, you deserve to receive the same honesty.

- If you're willing to give someone time, attention and compassion… you deserve to also receive someone’s time, attention and compassion.

Those are things I know you know you deserve!

But in the heat of the moment, in the heat of dating, in the heat of friendship, your career, your everyday life, etc… you’re quick to forget this!

You’re pressured to forget it. Maybe even bullied into forgetting.

But this quick question grounds you and resets you back to that place where you know what you deserve.

You deserve those things! You do!

As long as you’re willing to do those things you say you deserve... I don't see how it’s possible that you wouldn't deserve to experience them yourself.

Sometimes it isn’t returned to, yes. That's life for ya.

How many times have you been hurt? How many times have you given but not received? How many times have you been compassionate and supportive but didn't receive the same?

Probably a lot.

But that doesn't mean you weren't worthy.

It does't mean are you aren't worthy. There’s nothing in that equation about YOUR worth. You deserve all the things you say you deserve.

You deserve them for the simple reason that you’re willing to do them yourself.

You deserve to experience the same things you’re willing to give others.

End of story.