By Case Kenny

If you've got it, flaunt it

I stumbled on a quote the other day that TRIGGERED me.

"The same energy given to me is the same energy I'm giving back. No more no less."

I hate that!

To me that quote says: my energy, my compassion, my honesty… I only give when I’m given. I only offer what is reciprocated. I only turn it on when I have permission.

WHAT??! That’s an a** backwards way of living life.

That’s the way you decide if you’re going to be yourself?? That’s the way you decide if you’re going to be compassionate, kind, loving, energized, outgoing and friendly?

- You're going to be the person who takes 2 days to respond to a text because he/she did?

- You're going to be the person who is rude to that waiter because he/she was rude to you?

- You're going to be dishonest because that person was dishonest?

- You're not going to lend a hand to your friend because he/she never offers to help you?

That is not how life is meant to be lived!

The truth about life is you’re going to have so many opportunities to treat others the opposite of how you’ve been treated.

To only match what you’re given… THAT’s going to drain you. THAT’s an extremely negative headspace where you handcuff yourself unnecessarily. There’s a better choice.

- Be the person who jokes FIRST, who smiles FIRST, who is high energy even if that other person is not.

- Be the person who responds to texts immediately because you want to.

- Be the person who doesn’t do some BS 3 day rule.

- Be the person who is an over the top gooood morning person even if no one else is.

Be the person who sets the tone for the energy.

Be the person who cannonballs into the pool. Be the person who is first to try, first to help, first to call, first to show empathy.

And be the person who continues to be that way even when it’s not matched.

Say: everything I need I can reciprocate. The energy I need I can reciprocate. The love I need I can reciprocate. The kindness, the help, the enthusiasm, the laughter, the drive I need...I can reciprocate.

And not just reciprocate... but INITIATE... and continue to give when it’s not matched.

The energy I need, the love I need, the kindness, the helpful hand, the enthusiasm, the laugher, the drive I need... I can initiate. Don’t just do what others do!

Question that! Be different.

Doing this doesn't mean you allow others to walk all over you or that you tolerate people who don't deserve you. No... it just means you flaunt what you have. You don't wait for permission. You don't wait to match.

If you’ve got it! Flaunt it!

Refuse to be someone who only matches what they're given. 

Ask yourself: what is it I want? How is it I want to be treated?

Do that. Be that person. Lead with those things.

Do that regardless of whether someone gives it back.

Anything you want you can initiate. That’s true to you and that’s living a life without regret.