By Case Kenny

It's ok to be misunderstood

Allow yourself to be misunderstood. Let people assume whatever they want about you.


Because you’re multi-faceted. What they see is not all they get.

You’re free to be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. Hannah in the streets, Miley in the sheets. Times New Roman in the streets. Wingdings in the sheets. INTJ in the streets, ESFP in the sheets. You get it.

It is a powerful mindset to embrace how multi-faceted you are and to not care if someone only saw one side of you.

Let it go!

Don’t waste your energy wanting everyone to know your brand, what you’re about or correcting them. Let people think what they want…. and don’t feel the need to correct them.

Give so little energy over to even considering what they assume about you that it’s the last thing on your mind.

  • If someone wants to think you’re a boring finance bro, let them.
  • If someone wants to think you’re a space cadet floozy, let them.
  • If someone wants to think you’re a sensitive snowflake, let them.

Let them assume because you know that’s not all there is to you.

  • You can work hard at your finance job… but also be a passionate artist.
  • You can dress hot and look amazing… but you can also be an incredibly humble and talented writer. 
  • You can be emotional and sensitive… but also be incredibly impactful in your community.

Multi-faceted. If someone only sees one side of you because that’s the only side they bothered to see or because that’s all they had time to see… that’s ok.

Let them assume what they want about you.

You can rest easy, smile and feel centered in knowing that there’s so much more to you than meets the eye. Your purpose on earth is so much bigger than convincing others you’re a certain way. It’s so much bigger than spending your energy correcting people.

Let them assume while you actually live your truth. Your truths. The multiple facets of who you are. Dress how you want, act how you want, work your job, be compassionate, be creative, be loud, be quiet, etc.

Let them assume. Let them misunderstand you. And know that it’s okay because YOU don’t misunderstand yourself and that’s all that matters. You know who you are, you know what you’re about and you know how much you’re growing.

So what’s there to worry about? Not much in my mind. 

Let them assume. Just do your thing.

Be kind, push yourself to grow and you never have anything to worry about. You never have to correct someone or even worry what they assume about you because you’re too busy living your truth.

  • If that truth is club on a Friday night but volunteering on Saturday… so be it.
  • If that truth is 16 hour workday at that investment firm but when you get home it’s playing the violin… so be it.
  • If that truth is listening to loud fist bumping house music all day but then sitting down to write poetry… so be it.
  • If that truth is posting banging mouth watering selfies but then cuddling up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and telling him/her you love him/her… so be it.

You’re multifaceted and you’re allowed to be that way. Let them assume and live your life.