By Case Kenny

The most attractive thing about you

You have a superpower and you’ve been living it without realizing.

It’s not your looks, it’s not your success or even your talent… but it’s the most attractive thing about you.

It’s your ability to be kind even when someone isn't kind to you.

It’s your ability to love when you aren’t loved.

It’s freakin dope! It’s attractive. It’s the best thing about you.

  • It’s a choice you’ve been making without realizing it and you should be proud of it.
  • It’s your ability to not become what has happened to you.
  • It’s your ability to remain soft, compassionate and kind even when you don’t receive those things yourself.
  • It’s your ability to not harden, to not lose your spark or your resolve.

It’s a superpower to experience things in life that suck but to not turn around and become those things yourself.

  • To not be loved... but to love anyway.
  • To not be given... to but give anyway.
  • To laugh even when no one’s laughing with you.
  • To believe in hope even though you have yet to see it come true yourself.
  • To be optimistic even when everyone around you is anything but.
  • To be compassionate and caring even when everyone else says to be selfish.
  • To give to others even when no one is giving to you.
  • To compliment others even when no one is complimenting you.
  • To listen even when no one else is listening to you.

That is a superpower and I don’t know you but I’m proud of you because I know in some way you are living this. You have been treated in a way that you didn’t deserve. You have been told you are not worthy. You have been torn down, overlooked or forgotten.

BUT whether you realize it or not, you have hung onto hope and you have not become those things yourself.

THAT is attractive af! I can’t think of a more attractive thing in life than resolve to be kind, compassionate, loving and giving.

It’s more attractive than anything else - your sense of humor, success, or talent.

Those things are great but to not let go of the truths you believe in… THAT is the biggest power move of all and THAT is attractive. There’s a reason you haven’t given up.

There's a reason you haven’t hardened. I really believe you are this way because it is leading you somewhere. It is leading you to a place, a time or a person that will reward you enormously.

  • It could be a random moment where you stand your ground and are compassionate when you don’t have to be. 
  • It could be a passing act of love to someone who doesn’t deserve it. 
  • It could be a :30 second conversation of support with someone who has never showed you the same.

I fundamentally believe your energy leads you to real world experiences that reward you.

It’s all worth it and your superpower will be rewarded.

One day you will look back and be grateful you stood your ground and stayed true to yourself. Amidst all the things in life you can’t control and amidst all the things that frustrate you or confuse you… you made a choice not to become that way yourself.

You experienced things in life that didn’t recognize your worth but you didn’t turn around and treat others in the same way. You stayed true to yourself.

So please know that you have an amazing superpower. 

It’s one you’ve been living without realizing it but I hope you recognize it now and I hope you celebrate it.

I hope you are proud of yourself and I hope you lean even more into it.

  • I hope you continue to love…. even when you're not loved.
  • I hope you continue to be kind…. even when you’re not shown kindness.
  • I hope you give even... when you’re not given.
  • I hope you listen... even when you’re not listened to.

And I hope you do it because you recognize that it is your superpower and it will be rewarded - not with things, applause or headlines… but with goodness.

Your resolve to still believe in goodness will bring even more goodness and compassionate people into your life. And I hope that makes you smile.